A dream about a mirror

A mirror is what allows us to see our “true” face, reflects in dreams who we really are, and allows us to understand our character and our feelings.

Mirrors symbolize the imagination and the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious. They represent the perception of one’s personality. It is undoubtedly a great opportunity for self-discovery.


A dream about a mirror means that you are trying to take a better look at yourself, what you are thinking and feeling. The dream can also show what others think of you.

Dreambook mirror

To view yourself in a mirror

Seeing your own face reflected in a mirror in a dream can be a symbol of vanity. The dream may mean that you are experiencing a phase of introspection, triggered by crises in your relationships with others, generating a sense of being misunderstood.

If you are going through this process, there is a good chance that you will know where to make changes in the way you act. If your attitude is upsetting you, it’s a good time to make a change. Remember that change is always difficult, you need to be patient.

The dream about your own reflection in the mirror is related to your emotions at the moment and your perception of the important changes taking place.

If you saw yourself in the reflection in the mirror, but noticed the absence of a tooth, the dream may suggest a lack of energy and temporary weakness, but if the tooth was the cause of irritability or illness it means that you got rid of something that caused illness or did not work out for you.

When you are approaching a mirror in a dream, but you don’t see your reflection in it, it may indicate that there is something that scares you, that keeps you from confronting yourself.


Reflection in the mirror (mirror image)

If in your dream you see yourself as an ugly person, it means that you notice negative aspects of your personality: jealousy, fear, guilt, and insecurity. It can also mean that you are currently facing the consequences of bad choices.

If you see yourself as an attractive person in the mirror, it could mean that you are focusing on the positive aspects of your personality. You feel more confident, happy, competent, and attractive.

If your reflection shows your smile Dreambook admits that you are satisfied with your life.

If you dream that you are using a mirror to put on makeup, it means that you are aware of a change in your personality.

If in your dream you look in the mirror but do not see your image, it can mean a sense of loss of identity, and difficulty in understanding who you are, perhaps because of an effort to change for someone.

If in your dream you saw yourself in the mirror older than you actually are, the dream may indicate gained wisdom and experience. Another dream meaning may suggest that you have gone through difficult times and problems, resulting in great physical and mental fatigue.

If looking in the mirror your image is getting old, Dreambook advises: conduct a self-analysis and try to appreciate yourself

If in the dream in the mirror reflection, you see yourself younger, it means that you still have the “soul” of a child and treat life lightly and carefree.


If in the mirror you see yourself completely changed, Dreambook explains that you would like to be or look like someone else and have difficulty revealing your true character.

Reflection of someone else in the mirror

If in a dream you are standing in front of a mirror, but you see the image of someone else in it, it may mean that you have problems with yourself, are looking for your own path in life, or are struggling with insecurities.

If you see an animal in the reflection, the dream is a sign of great disappointment. Dreambook recommends postponing new projects until the situation stabilizes.

If in a dream you saw the image of a friend reflected in a mirror, you need to be more careful in your financial investments.

If you saw the reflection of the one you love, it can mean satisfaction with the relationship, and perhaps a desire to establish a lasting relationship, to marry this person.

To buy a mirror

Buying a mirror in a dream can mean betrayal in a relationship. Another dream meaning suggests that you are looking for your own path or want to learn more about yourself.

Venetian mirror

A dream about looking through a Venetian mirror indicates that you are facing important issues in your life.

Looking at images through this type of mirror may be a way of dealing with them. If you see someone watching you through a Venetian mirror, the dream may be a warning that your behavior and actions are being watched by people who like to criticize others behind their backs.


Dreaming that someone is looking at you from the other side of the mirror may mean that you do not accept your own emotions and feelings.

Mirror in a golden frame

The dream symbolizes your approach to life. You set your sights on success, getting rich, perhaps your image is what matters most to you. The dream can also be read as a desire to “beautify” yourself, to improve your image in the eyes of others.

Rearview mirror

A dream about looking in the rear-view mirror suggests that you too often return to the past and dwell on past events. This may indicate regret, resentment, and assumptions.

When you look in the rearview mirror in a dream, you are holding on to facts that already belong to the past, and this prevents you from acting and planning for the future.

Another dream meaning may tell you not to forget the past, especially if you are trying to forcefully erase something from your memory or resume.

Mirror of water

A dream about the reflection of your image in water can be associated with excessive focus on yourself, with narcissism and illusions obscuring your perception of reality.

Perhaps you are heading in the wrong direction, perhaps you are overwhelmed by emotions without justification. This is a warning image that indicates the need for real thinking.

Dirty or fogged-up mirror

If you dreamed about a dirty mirror, it means that there is something you are unhappy with and this problem needs more attention so that it can be completely eliminated from your life.


The dream may indicate difficulties that prevent you from feeling fulfilled. These difficulties may not even depend directly on you, but having this dream indicates that there is an urgent need to improve your own path and adjust it to your needs.

A dream about a dirty mirror means that you lack clarity about your goals. You may have moments of doubt. Stay calm and simplify your life to make it easier to move on.

To clean the mirror

Cleaning or polishing a mirror in a dream means making changes, and seeing many things, and details better.

Dreambook suggests that you will finally see what you did not see in yourself or others, such as character traits, opportunities, other solutions to situations, etc.

Another dream meaning symbolizes helping someone close to you.

Cracked mirror

The meaning of the dream is associated with doubting one’s own beliefs and may signify a crisis or a transitional phase. The dream may also suggest the difficulty of finding inner peace in a flurry of conflicting thoughts and needs.

The dream is associated with the need to change old habits in waking life. You need to give up what harms you, and what is unhealthy for you. These can be addictions, but also bad habits.

To dream about a broken mirror is also to see your own distorted image as if you do not want to see the truth. Dreambook admonishes that you do not see clearly who you are or what your goals are.


If you see a broken mirror in a dream, it can also mean that others do not appreciate you and it causes you to feel worried, alienated, and sad.

Broken mirror (shattered)

A broken mirror in a dream is an image of inner chaos, problems to be solved or ways of being that may hurt you.

Breaking a mirror in a dream by mistake may indicate carelessness, and may be associated with stubbornness, unwillingness to see one’s own mistakes, and impulsive action without thinking about the consequences.

If in a dream you find a mirror already broken, it means the inability to stop and focus, to look at events objectively.

A dream in which you see yourself in a mirror shard shows responsiveness and self-awareness, the ability to cope with difficulties, and confidence in yourself. Dreambook hints that you should not be discouraged.

Covered mirror

Covered mirrors in a dream indicate the need to hide, sometimes from yourself. In addition, you do not want to understand or find out and realize who you really are.

Stolen mirror

In dreams, having something stolen signifies fear or loss, in this case, the mirror may represent personal value or even self-esteem. You may fear that someone else will notice what you think is your flaw or imperfection.

Many mirrors (several mirrors)

If you see many mirrors in your dream, they may represent several aspects of your personality, character traits, and life roles played. Pay attention to the image they portray. The dream may also symbolize that you have many faces for others. You may want to hide who you really are.


Dream meaning: mirror

  • To view yourself in a mirror – you notice the changes taking place in you
  • Reflection in the mirror (image in the mirror) – you analyze your personality and life situation
  • Reflection of someone else in the mirror – you have problems with yourself
  • To buy a mirror – you are looking for your own way
  • Venetian mirror – you are facing important problems in your life
  • Mirror in a gold frame – you are setting yourself up for success and wealth
  • Rearview mirror – cut yourself off from the past and move forward
  • Mirror of water – you are too focused on yourself
  • Dirty or fogged-up mirror – you lack clear goals
  • Clean mirror – you finally see what you didn’t notice
  • Cracked mirror – change bad habits
  • Broken mirror (shattered) – you are hurting yourself
  • Covered mirror – you want to hide yourself
  • Stolen mirror – you are afraid that someone will notice your flaws
  • Many mirrors (several mirrors) – you have many faces

Mirror – mystical Dreambook

In general, this symbol can mean that in waking life you are trying to come to terms with yourself, but so far it does not work out very well for you.

  • If you see a mirror in your dream, it means that you do not fully know yourself and you should try to explore your personality.
  • When you see yourself in a mirror, it is a prediction that you will soon discover a mistake you have made or someone will bring it to your attention.
  • If you see some people in the mirror, it is a sign that you will soon behave dishonestly towards someone.
  • If you see animals in the mirror, it foreshadows a financial crisis for you.
  • When you dream that you are looking into a blind mirror, it is a signal that in waking life you have a very inflated opinion of your goodness.
  • A crooked mirror signals that in waking life you are living a life of illusions and you should put an end to it because certainly nothing good will come of it.
  • When you see a broken mirror in your dream or break it, it means that you will soon adopt a mentoring tone towards someone.
  • If you dream that you see someone making a mirror, it foreshadows for you someone’s betrayal.
  • When you see your own face in the mirror with your eyes closed, it means that in waking life you are afraid to face reality, because you suspect that you may not be able to cope with this clash.
  • If you see the face of some other person in the mirror, it may be a sign that you have feelings for that person or that you feel inferior and less worthy than him.
  • When you don’t see your reflection in the mirror, it means that in waking life you are experiencing an identity crisis or fearing death, perhaps only subconsciously.

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