The picture of a mess appearing in the dream expresses that the dreaming about the aims of his life is not aware. In other sense it points out him also to the fact that he moves in a wrong circle of friends and controls his life not properly. He behaves on his part too credulous and modest and, on the other hand, bends concerning the organisation of his living conditions big dependence.


Chaos dreams are valid as a request to order the life ‘anew’ and to bring a clear system in own expiries because, otherwise, everything soon grows ‘over the head’.




  • you should put your thoughts a certain aim.


  • in the mess as a vision expresses itself that you move in the wrong circle of friends, also that you organise your life not properly. On the one hand you are too credulous and to give and give to your own exaggerations too easily to faith. On the other hand you seem too unindependent at least currently to organise your everyday life and his time expiry tightly and actually. (Man



  • see: you will be badly treated.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Mess

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