dream mercuryAssociation: – Liveliness, – unstableness. Question: – Which part of me longs for stability? Where in my life I feel rigid?

In general:

It has an unfavorable meaning for own character. One should fight against his restlessness and bring in more steadiness to his activities, because, otherwise, is to be calculated on durable change in the living conditions.



Mercury symbolises in general the change cases of the life which one cannot precalculate, – in particular it warns against counting only on his luck. In particular cases a quirliges temperament or the inclination appears in it to the mood variations which one should better control.



  • have before himself: be subjected to the moody luck.

(European ones).:

  • restlessness and change in the life, – points to an unsteady, superficial character, – you will lead a fickle life,
  • see: tells a change of the relations in, – clap about one is spread,
  • then

  • Suffering a woman in a mercury poisoning, will leave them of her family and be distinguished from her.


  • you has underhand people around you.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Mercury

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