dream marriageAssociation: – Union, – obligation. Question: With which is I to be combined or to oblige me to what ready?


Marriage stands for the reconciliation of contrasts in a fertile symbiosis above all with a marriage of a pair ‘without face’. This is able to do itself on external circumstances (for example, quarrel, conflicts) cover, the balance of internal contradictions is often meant with it, however. However, it can quite also simply be a desirable fulfilment whom one dreams, of marrying or of entering at least a firm connection. Who dreams of a chaotic wedding scene – or from a postponed or missed marriage – it should consider once again well: He / she ‘is not yet so far’ or has the ‘wrong partner’, and the subconsciousness hits alarm. This signal precipitates even more unambiguously if one get married in the dream and, besides, weeping, ‘no’ say or sees running away – then latter would be to be recommended urgently. Also the folklore knows many means to see the future lover or fiancée in the dream, – e.g. if one lays a certain object under the pillow. The fact that this also ‘functions’ in general, is not so surprising at all if one keeps before eyes that the intensive one of it think shortly before falling asleep also really to the desired result leads. Nevertheless, the dream of the future husband / of the future wife must be to be understood by no means literally, but can also express quite an other future hope. In the same manner the dream is able, are made the Hahnrei, even if it is also an expression of jealousy, just the fear indicates to be robbed an idea. Dream of honeymoon, is able to do the positive look forwards also mine like the recollection of a happy time. However, the dream of infidelity symbolises selfreproaches to have become disloyal to an ideal or principle of the life – but of course also directly to the husband.




  • eighth on the fact that you bring yourself not without consideration in unhappy relations. also: you will remain single still long.

(European ones).:

  • be married: if means luck and profit,
  • a wedding with colorfully dressed and happy guests to experience: if means very big joy,
  • a wedding with black or in other dark colours dressed guests: one must make himself calm on grief and worries,
  • close a marriage: announces joyless news of absentees,
  • take part in one: the thoughtfulness of dear people gives to a lot of joys, – the business matters develop promisingly,
  • a negative event in connection with a wedding: if grief, illness or death prophesies in own family,
  • Holding a young woman to itself for an unhappy and bride not in love, are predicted her disappointments in the love and possibly also own illness. She should operate carefully, because lurk opponent.
  • Dreaming a woman to marry an infirm man with creased face and grey hair will have to fight them with many worries and illnesses.
  • Dreaming a woman that her lovers die during the wedding black carries and looks at them reproachfully, it is done by the cold and missing affection of a friend in desperation.


  • you wants to give up your flat because of constant quarrel with the unacceptable neighbours, – but you do not want to succeed in such a way as you would like to have it with pleasure,
  • marry: Poverty.
  • Dreaming somebody, one has put on to him the bridal jewellery, he will soon die or fall victim to a poster and be killed.
  • Seeming it one, he has entered a marriage, he will attain a new joy and new power, provided that the woman is nice, or worries if she is ugly. If one has been separated from his wife, he will lose his power and get in need, – a pauper will become extremely poor and live in want.
  • The wife is of the man’s strength and power. Depending on one looks his woman cultivated or neglectedly, accordingly it will go out to him, her neglected state becomes to him grief, her spruceness bring to joy.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Marriage

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