dream mapAssociation: – Guidance, – instructions. Question: – Which information do I need for my trip?


To be able to master successfully the lifelong trip which every person has before himself, a map can be a useful help. Maybe he has ‘got lost’ and needs something what shows the way to him forwards – particularly if his attempts and his motivation are concerned. Hence, a map which was already used by other people refers to the fact that the dreaming is able to smash the right direction and to learn from other people. Such a map in the dream sits down in the everyday life together from advice which already gives experienced people to the dreaming, from important personal experiences and from a belonging serving of instinct for the right way. Map betrays the direction which one must smash in the personal area to achieve a put aim. She points to plans which one can carry out if one exactly recognises the map drawing in the dream. If it is blurred or one does not find the way on the map, something serious blocks the life. One can understand map now and again also as a travel wish.



The map, like a road map the shortest way to the aim, in this case a spiritual and mostly that of the Ganzheitlichkeit, shows, there is not. She sits down together from the experiences of the dreaming, linked with the realities into which he bumps.



  • consider or sign: indicates at a flat change or the beginning of a trip,
  • look: if a bigger trip promises.

(European ones).:

  • see or study: points to a voyage or to extraordinary plans, – also: means a flat change and possibly also a professional change,
  • a coloured map: the omen is luck-promising,
  • look: if means the success of an enterprise,
  • with clearly recognizable details: if the successful realisation of a trip or plans,
  • promises

  • with indistinct details: Trip or plans will bump into obstacles and difficulties.


  • the distance lures you.

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