dream lungsAssociation: – Respiration, – freedom. Question: – In which manner am I ready in my life for the expansion?

In general:

Lung can point to an illness of the respiratory tract which must be cleared by investigation. Often she also announces heavy, protracted work which one must get through to reach to the success.



If we breathe deeply in the dream hard, this is a good sign for our mental constitution – a proof that we are spiritual in the awake life and physically fit. Who gets no air, however, in the dream, is tormented in the awake life maybe by stress.


The lung means the same like the heart and represents the centre of our life and further the life breath.


(European ones).:

  • have strong, healthy ones: if means a forthcoming strain,
  • have ill and weak ones: guarantees a damage by carelessness, – a forthcoming job or strain one will not have grown,
  • cut: you will have an operation,
  • eat: your health makes amends. (Also contrary possibly!)


  • have an ill one: is careful in dealing with people,
  • eat: your health is in danger, – indisposition,
  • wound: there threatens danger,

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Lungs

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