dream loveKey words: Pleasure, – affection, – sexual energy, – orgasm, – sensuousness, – union, – parenthood, – mating, – estimates, – Melt devotion, – tenderness, – sympathy, – delight, – joy, – ecstasy, – passion, – transcendency, – – southern soul path. Description: Love is a word with so many meanings as there are people who pronounce it. In the medicine wheel it is the quality which is associated with the internal position of the southern soul path. With the love combine on this path the mineral rose quartz, the plant whitethorn, the animal Wolf and the colour Rose. General meaning: Pleasure, – preparation to open you for one of many forms of the love for the individual one, the romantic one, the sensuous sexual or for the unreserved love of your community, your creator, your ideals, philosophy or images, – a positive sign, – love which you receive can also mean that you cannot love each other yourself any more, – love which is taken away can also mean that you must learn to love each other more. Association: So many, as there are people who dream of the love. Transcendent meaning: A direct gift of the creator.

In general:

Dreams as a signpost of our dear life dress in many forms. This makes them difficult to decipher as obviously sexual dreams, but they allow us to see our dear partners – and our feeling for them – how they are real. In less enlightened times the young women of all possible ‘magic cures’ who should show them her future husband helped themselves. There, e.g., a peeled onion was wrapped in a handkerchief and was laid under the pillow as well as one certain verse was spoken of it. Then in the next dream they should see supposedly the face of her future. And without doubt this often happened also really because to them her subconsciousness projected the face openly or secretly lover. Our dreams react because very quickly even if we feel to the people which we have met drawn (even if this is against the reason). Only it does not mean necessarily that one dreams of exactly this concrete person. Often this will appear rather in masking / disguising. Thus a girl who found a man sexually very attractive dreamt not of himself, but of the tower of a famous cathedral. He had told her because to come from the town with this cathedral. There one needs to explain nothing else. It is always worthwhile to look in dreams of such type for a sexual symbol – it is only therefore because anyway our first interest is to other mostly sexual nature. Therefore, one does not need to overlook the fact other symbols how they combine possibly with name or occupation of new acquaintances. Seldom these dreams contain strong promises. An erotic dream is rather a desirable fulfilment dream than a prophecy.



They have dreamt of love? In which form? Which sensations, qualities, experiences do you connect with the concept love? What exactly do you fancy under it? Did you have the wish ‘to be able to love properly’, or you dream of unfulfilled love and ‘vergeblichen Liebesmüh’ concerning a real partner? Anyway it is in the dreams which have the subject love to the contents about a request on the reflexion: They should find out for themselves what you understand, actually, by love and what you search in a love relationship – and are ready to give. Maybe the dream is also to be seen as a tip that in an existing partnership the concept love should be anew defined that this love of a change of the feelings had to stand firm – and now she has won a new quality, or just ‘no more love’ is. Seldom, but have dear dreams another symbolic value – if you are alone and ‘on the search: If it was an especially nice, harmonious dream with virtually physically perceptible luck sensations, it can be a tip that a suitable meeting approaches you immediately. So you look more exactly if you run to somebody through the way with which it also ‘broadcasts’ if looks and words are changed. Even if it is no ‘love at first sight’. Love just indicates the need for allowance, tenderness and feeling warmth, above all often with isolated people.



  • expect: you wait free of charge,
  • love a person: one gives the fear to recognise of a disappointment,
  • receive: you have unfulfilled longing in the heart,
  • back: Quarrel and hostility,
  • advertise: you have competitor, exerts you,
  • cools off: you commit an adultery,


  • happy love is a symbol for satisfaction on account of own forecast: The dreaming person may be glad about a nice time of interpersonal warmth. Unhappy love contains mental poverty in selfdebt. Only if he has overcome this from own strength, the person concerned can hope for an improvement of his situation. (Child-)

(European ones).:


  • prosperity, luck, success in the love, – also sends a reminder to the care in the reality, so that the heart does not go through with the mind, – one is lonesome, and soul and body suffer from having no partner, – one longs for love,
  • love every living being: one is contented with the present living conditions,
  • have because of the dear feelings of happiness: a happy hand in the matters will give to one a contented existence,
  • believe, the love would be missed or is not answered: one will think desperately about the problem whether it is better to change the life-style or to marry and to confide with the social rise in the luck,
  • mating of animals: points to satisfaction with the present life, even if one thinks maybe differently about that, – at times Fortuna to one will be lovely,
  • the love of the parents: one is frank, – the property increases, – one makes headway in the career,
  • be in love: is to be understood as a warning, themselves do not add to selfish desires, because one runs the risk to be involved in a scandal,
  • others in love see: one can be enticed to neglect the duties,
  • whispering sweet nothings animals see: one will give away to degrading sensory joys,
  • a young woman is in love, this points to loose relations, unless, she chooses life-experienced and responsible partners.
  • this is

  • for a married woman a sign for discontent and the wish for illegitimate adventures.

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