dream lonelinessDreams of loneliness / desolation are often the outflow of an einspännigen life. However, loneliness symbols can point out, except to a cheerless life, also on the fact that we seclude ourselves in a matter from friends or colleagues. To be only in an amount, is a simile of own isolation, it confirms in a scenery, however, that one makes his decisions rather alone. If one was sad, the dream confirms that loneliness is not always good. To be an astronaut on a space walk, can irritate and refer to own deepest sensations that one is ‘in the end, nevertheless, completely alone’. If one was, however, alone in a garden, this is much more suitable – provided that the context of the dream does not indicate other. If one sees again as a child, on top of that only and in the darkness, this means that one must learn to count also sometimes on others and help of those which can help to look also. Every dream of loneliness and loneliness whether now literally or in an amount, expresses existence uncertainties.



  • live in her: one will leave you.


  • you is an internal call for social contact which you should search. She wants to point out that your contact with the people is not always right and that you should also shut from yourselves to others. They incline to the isolation which are due – almost exclusively – to your peculiarities.

(European ones).:

  • feel: luck-like omen, – can be on own feet and not from the influence of other people be dependent.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Loneliness

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