Lice dreams are mainly about untapped potential. They also talk about your relationships with other people. Relationships can be extremely complicated if you don’t want to see the truth.

The dream can also indicate that you feel inferior to others, that you have an inferiority complex.


Beware of those with hidden agendas, many people abuse your willingness to help.

Dream meaning of lice

Someone has lice

If you see lice on someone in your dream, it means that you can get help from them.

So if you need support, don’t hesitate to ask for it.

Having lice

This dream is a sign that you have relationships with people who have a bad or even harmful influence on you. The dreamer advises: “Do not hold on to people who cause you constant pain and suffering. It is time to cut yourself off from them.

The dream reveals that you need to be aware of who or what is draining your physical and emotional energy. If you allow this situation to continue, you will be inundated with a wave of problems and bad moods.

Lots of lice

The meaning of this dream is that you need to deal with problems quickly before they turn into something worse. Don’t ignore them. The dream is a warning that problems are accumulating because you are not paying due attention to unresolved issues.


The dream asks: Avoid leaving any situation unresolved for a long time. Although it is difficult, dealing with the problem at its source will avoid problems in the future. Think in a systemic way to get a complete picture of the moment and the situation.

Consider if there is a person, situation or relationship in your life that you want to distance yourself from. It is time to make a decision and move away from those who are harming you.

Lice on the head or body

The dreamer indicates that you are about to make a bad decision concerning money. Seek advice from an experienced person and avoid getting into debt.

Pay attention to the signs conveyed by your partner or companion in order to take good care of the relationship and avoid an unexpected separation.

Another meaning of the dream is that you miss your former company or the person you have separated from and want to get back together, even unconsciously.

Lice on clothes

Lice on clothing in a dream is a sign of financial gain. It may come from a source you did not expect, such as an inheritance or a sum you thought you had lost. The dream can also mean that someone very jealous is close to you. Stay alert and avoid disappointment.

Another meaning of the dream is the arrival of a new family member or an improvement in your sex life.

Lice falling from the head

A dream about lice falling off your head is a good sign, as it indicates that you are dealing with problems correctly and managing to overcome them. The dream shows that you are maturing, that you understand that life is full of challenges and setbacks, but that you have the strength to overcome them. You begin to believe more in your potential and see that you are capable of many things.


Itchy head due to lice

If you were very disturbed by lice in your dream, the dream means that you need to learn how to deal with sudden problems. Get your emotions under control. Find out what is causing your mood to change suddenly.

Talking to a louse

This is an uncanny dream, but it could mean that something unusual and very important is about to happen. So be alert.

Killing (catching) lice

To dream of catching lice means that you will deal with any problem that arises in your life immediately. The meaning of the dream is that you are maturing, becoming independent and self-confident.

The dream can also indicate a gain. A promotion or pay rise may be on the way. The dream foretells that you will be successful.

The dream also indicates that you will be lucky in life. Try to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way to get ahead.

Dream meaning: Lice

  • Someone has lice – you may get help from someone.
  • Have lice – cut yourself off from those who cause you suffering
  • Lots of lice – you need to deal with problems quickly and decisively
  • Lice on your head or body – avoid getting into debt
  • Lice on your clothes – expect to make a profit
  • Lice falling off your head – dealing with problems
  • Lice making your head itchy – you need to learn to deal with emergencies
  • Talking to lice – something unusual may happen
  • Kill (catch) lice – you become independent and confident

Mystic dreamer – lice

Seeing lice in your dream is a sign that you will experience anxiety in the near future for some reason.

The meaning of lice in a dream

To dream that you have lice on your body is a harbinger of serious health problems for you.

If you dream of seeing lice on someone else’s body, it foretells a serious illness for someone you love.


If you dream of seeing lice on your head, it foretells trouble and anxiety for you.

If you dream that you have lice, it foretells that small problems will become big problems.

If you dream of killing lice, it is a sign that the setbacks you are experiencing will soon come to an end.

Seeing lice on someone is a sign of wealth for you.

Large lice appearing in your dream foretells great wealth for you.

dream liceTo dream of lice suggests guilt, anxiety, and depression. Perhaps you feel that you are a physical and emotional wreck. Also, lice represents that you need to stay away from certain selfish people and relationships.

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