A dream about a lake

Dreams about a lake are associated with our emotional state, inner life, and balance.

Lakes are associated with losing a loved one and can also indicate that your family or close friends will not be willing or able to help you overcome difficulties or complex problems that you will face. The dreambook explains that you have to face various difficult situations yourself.


A dream about a lake also heralds a stage of peace and tranquility in your life, if you are swimming in a crystal-clear lake or just sitting on the shore to observe its vastness. Seeing a lake in a dream is a happy omen of love. Lovers are at peace because they trust their partners very much. You are optimistic and feel prepared to take on challenges.

Dreambook lake

To see a lake

A dream about a lake signifies various emotional states. The dream’s interpretation depends largely on the context – the dream’s details and your emotions. According to the Dreambook, the dream means you are going through phases of significant growth in love or work.

However, seeing a lake in a dream can also foretell an argument with your partner or that you will be mistreated by him. The lake is also a sign of your inability to refrain from unnecessary criticism of others, which can lead to enemies forming around you.

If you dreamed about a calm lake and felt good and peaceful, the dream symbolizes the inner peace and harmony you have in your current life. The dream predicts the appearance of new friends, a possible marriage, or a change of residence and is also associated with the possibility of a romantic relationship or romance.

To swim in a lake

Being fully at ease in the water predicts you will experience peace and happiness with friends and family. If you are swimming with difficulty, you will have to be more realistic and face a difficult situation.

If you were swimming on the lake in your dream, it is a sign that you will soon find a loved one. Swimming in the lake is also a warning not to risk money in games. If someone else was swimming in the lake, beware of betrayal. Swimming in a forbidden place is a warning not to be irresponsible.


To drown in a lake

The dream foretells problems and troubles. You may be in danger of a breakdown or an emotional crisis.

Try to get ahead of the facts. Prepare for certain events. Approach problems rationally and less emotionally.

Lake with fish

The dreambook warns of unpleasant situations at work. Be more vigilant, do not trust everyone.

You will have opportunities to make friends with little effort. Fish in the lake symbolize the end of a relationship with someone special.

Lake without water

If you saw a lake with no water in your dream, the dream may symbolize the appearance of many friends in your life.

Plenty of joyful moments await you. Another meaning of the dream speaks about your behavior – it may annoy others.

Clear water in the lake

A dream about a crystal-clean lake means that you will receive good news.

Someone you love will finally have the courage to express their feelings. The dreambook reveals that friends you haven’t seen for many years will return, and you will spend beautiful moments with them. There will be a unique opportunity to make a good purchase or investment.


Dirty lake

Poor water quality in the lake indicates that a project you are currently undertaking, whether for business or personal reasons, is doomed to fail or will not be as profitable as you expected. This will happen despite your best efforts.

A dream about a dirty lake suggests that your friends and family will soon accuse you of something or even turn their backs on you. However, they may be right in what they say about you. Think about your behavior. The reason for such behavior is probably your own inconsiderate comments, rude remarks, and lack of tact.

Another dream meaning suggests the appearance of roadblocks and obstacles to success.
A dirty lake means that you believe in yourself a great deal. You think you are smarter and more competent than everyone else – and you probably are. However, you need to behave more humbly to cooperate with others.

Lake at night

A dream about a lake at night tells you that you need to walk a new path, change the way you act or experience a kind of transformation.

The dreambook advises: listen to the advice of other, more experienced people. Changes will be positive as long as you are inclined to face them with a good disposition.

Lake in the mountains (mountain lake).

The dream encourages you to make a decision fast.

Procrastination may cause bad consequences for your actions and worsen your situation.


Frozen lake

The meaning of the dream about a frozen lake is related to the denial of love feelings. You are unable to express your feelings, which is also not conducive to your social relationships.

If you walk on a frozen lake, it means that you are aware of your situation. If the ice breaks – you will finally accept how you feel about the other person.

Green lake

If you dreamed about a green lake, the dream may mean serious misunderstandings with people close to you, and it may also herald problems in the family.

The dream’s meaning may suggest that your relationship with a loved one is ending. If you are single, the sight of a green lake in your dream may signify that you have some prejudices about love.

Blue lake

This type of dream is related to emotional balance. You must try to remain calm despite obstacles or problems.

The dreambook encourages you to like yourself and appreciate the good things you have. The sight of a blue lake in dreams is also a harbinger of good news.

A blue lake during cloudy weather foreshadows unsuccessful transactions or falsehoods.

Dark lake

A dream in which a dark lake appears means your partner may have an affair. Even if there is no one, the dream still means that you have problems in the relationship.


According to the Dreambook, a dream about a dark lake represents your personality. In particular, it indicates a tendency to share too much information with people you have just met. Although you are usually very intuitive about who to trust, you may make a mistake. This means that if you reveal something too personal, you will be exposed to gossip and blackmail.

Dream meaning: lake

  • To see a lake – there will be peace and harmony in your life
  • To swim in the lake – you will experience moments of peace and happiness with friends and family
  • To drown in the lake – approach problems rationally, less emotionally
  • Lake with fish – be more vigilant, especially at work. Do not trust everyone
  • Lake without water – there will be plenty of friends in your life, and plenty of happy moments await you
  • Clear water in the lake – you will receive good news
  • Dirty lake – there will be some blockages and obstacles on the way to your goal
  • Lake at night – take a new path and listen to the advice of other, more experienced people
  • Lake in the mountains (mountain lake) – make a fast decision
  • Frozen lake – you do not know how to express your feelings
  • Green lake – misunderstandings with loved ones can bring confusion into your life
  • Blue lake – like yourself and appreciate what you have
  • Dark lake – you may have problems in a relationship

Lake – mystical dreambook

In general, this symbol can mean that slowly new solutions are coming to you, and the decisions you are about to make are taking shape, which may have great significance for some spheres of your life.

It may also mean that in waking life, you would like to be alone for a while, without the company of other people, so that you can retreat into yourself unhindered and answer the question of what you really want from life.

It may also mean that you are about to go on a journey, thanks to which you will be able to, at least for a while, cut off from your daily affairs and gain a proper distance towards them.

  • When you dream that you are looking at a lake, it is a sign that you will meet a person who, on the surface, will seem to you very calm and subdued, but under this mask will be hidden a very impetuous nature.
  • If you’re looking at your reflection on the lake’s surface, it foreshadows some pleasant moments for you.
  • A clean lake is a sign that there is or will soon be total harmony and harmony in your life.
  • A dirty lake may herald for you a deterioration of your financial situation or even total bankruptcy.
  • A muddy lake foretells misfortune in the emotional sphere and trouble in your professional life.
  • If in a dream you are bathing in a lake or sailing on it, it means that you are trying to pass yourself off as a balanced and calm person, and only those who really know you well know how spontaneous and cheerful you are.
  • When you are fishing in a lake in a dream, it foreshadows an unsuccessful marriage – for you or someone from your closest circle – family or friends.
  • If you dream of seeing some creatures in the lake, it signifies that a terrible period is coming for you. During it, you will suffer many failures, which will not remain without influence on your future.
  • A ride on the lake is a harbinger of general happiness.
  • A port on the lake means you will enjoy a peaceful life without major worries.
  • A stormy lake foreshadows that you will face problems in the emotional sphere.
  • A storm on the lake foretells worries and cares.

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