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Lab (laboratory assistant) mostly embodies a problematic situation in which one has brought himself, – one will only solve them if one unites all forces to connect contrasts in a synthesis. The lab can symbolise the processes which are mostly guarded ‘still in the experimental stage’ (against the admission of strangers who should receive no insight) – here a little bit completely special is ‘tried out’, until one reaches to a promising result. For the dreaming the question positions itself: With which sensations and ideas does one experiment currently and what should become from it if it is ‘ready? A laboratory can also point to a very regular existence. Hence, a compulsive life setting is not distant and blocks the dreaming in his creative expression. Whether the experiments succeed and are well processed emotionally, about that the other symbols of the dream give explanation. If one works in his dream in a laboratory, this refers to the fact that one must tackle his life more systematically. Obvious one has the certain abilities and a noteworthy mental capacity which need, nevertheless, only still of the development. The dreamer feels to powers which he cannot influence, defenselessly delivered. It requires big strains and initiative the situation to gain control. If one sees himself as a scientist in the lab, one should show in important matters more feeling.



At the spiritual level a laboratory in the dream points out to the fact that the dreaming can be involved in an artificial spirituality which is absent the heart.



  • you finds out interesting things, – also: promises the good approach of personal plans.

(European ones).:

  • means in incommodities are involved of which one can wriggle out only hard,
  • see: one is put before a complicated matter or job whose exit is uncertain,
  • stay in one: one will waste a lot of energy for infertile enterprises, – while one could achieve more success,
  • in practical shops

  • work in one: one maneuvers himself in a complicated matter,
  • laboratory assistant: a good progress of the shops is to be expected.


  • illness, – danger.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Laboratory

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