dream knightA knight in the dream of a woman stands for romantic feelings. It can also be the manifestation of her Animus which expresses her male shares and with it linked striving for perfection. In the dream of a man the knight refers to the fact that he maybe searches the hero in himself. Knight can indicate the need for protection and disinterested help. However, maybe he also means that one should shelter from external influence not to be injured maybe by aggressions and malice. If one sees himself as a knight, means this calm self-confidence and loyalty.


The knight symbolises the principle of the leader’s nature. It is that part Himself which is sometimes called the higher Itself. A black knight is the embodiment of the bad person. Interestingly the ‘white’ knight often appears with open visor, – however, the ‘black’ knight holds his visor always closed. In man’s dreams he attacks in full gear in the vision and takes the fortress without pardon, – here is spoken of the arrogance of some men who believe, every woman is to be had for them. Often the knight signals even desire for adventure. In women’s dreams he is converted by the warlike patriarch to the gentleman whom she wishes on her side.



At the spiritual level the knight stands in the dream for the insider.



  • see: to his enemies oppose power, – stands mostly for loyal friends on whose help one can also count in predicaments, – also: one requires from you a dear demonstration,
  • see themselves as such: one fears, from his people underestimates and to be smiled, – also: one may be certain to be supported vigorously in a predicament by his friends.

(European ones).:

  • unstableness, worries, – protects you to select for company ruffians to you, – now hard fights approach, professionally as well as in general, – also: One has to fight with outdated life images of the people. One searches like-minded people for himself.
  • see in armament: if a gallant, but not safe adventure tells in,
  • even one be: one is supported by the friends in every predicament vigorously,


  • see: do not get involved in dear scuffle.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Knight

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