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Kisses are an expression of feelings, an expression of love. People kiss not only partners or people with whom they are in love. We kiss our loved ones, children, relatives, friends. A kiss can also be a sign of acceptance or respect.

The meaning of a dream to kiss, kissing

Kisses can symbolize different aspects of your emotional life. If you dream of kissing and you are a teenager, this may indicate a growing sex drive.


In the case of children, this can be interpreted as a need for more love.

In adults, the dream of kissing often refers to looking for new emotions or the need to improve your sex life. A sincere and affectionate kiss means joy. A superficial and careless kiss is false.

Dream meaning kiss, kissing

Kissing on the hand

Kissing a person’s hand is a sign of respect but also affection. It is often associated with official situations, such as social situations.

A dream may indicate that you are ready to start a romantic relationship or start a new relationship.

The dream interpretation indicates that such a dream is associated with the need to experience physical contact with the person you are in love with.

It is an act of courtesy, but it can also indicate betrayal. It can also be associated with a gesture of arrogance or disinterest, depending on the reaction of both parties.


Dream can also mean that you will receive the necessary support in a new project. Kissing a hand may also indicate that you have hidden intentions towards the person.

kissing forhead

Kissing on the forehead

Forehead kisses are generally signs of respect, trust, or parental love (kissing a baby).

A dream about a kiss on the forehead may indicate that you are grateful to the person who appears in it. If you are the one receiving a kiss on the forehead, it may be that someone is not telling you the truth.

The dream of a kiss on the forehead refers to the possibility of having thoughts that we know are not good. The dream also symbolizes that many events will soon occur that requires grit and determination from you. Prepare yourself for these difficult situations.

Dream also means that you can trust your friends. This is a sign that they are honest and will never let you down.

If the person you are kissing is male, this could mean that a new stage in your life is about to begin. A project can benefit you from work and finances.

If your reaction to the kiss is unfavorable, the dream may indicate infidelity. It is also a sign to avoid getting involved in problems, lest you be accused of actions you did not commit.

Kissing on the cheek

Kisses on the cheek are often associated with situations of betrayal or trouble. The interpretation of the dream may vary depending on the reactions of the dreamers.


Receiving a kiss on the cheek from someone you love is usually a sign that your feelings will not be reciprocated in the same way. It is also a sign of respect or acceptance, but the Dreambook points out that this is not the kind of relationship you expect.

If you receive a kiss from a person you are with, a dream symbolizes fidelity and caring. It is also a sign that this person is thinking about us.

When a familiar person kisses you on the cheek in a dream, it may indicate that difficult times are ahead for this relationship. It is a dream that may suggest that a friend wants to end the relationship. Such dreams usually occur at stages in life where there are many problems, either unsolved or on an ongoing basis.

Kissing on the cheek can also indicate that you are about to start a romantic relationship, especially if you are kissed by someone you love or love.

Kissing on the cheek in a dream sometimes means fidelity, brotherly relationship, affection, indicates happiness in love.

Kissing on the lips

Kisses on the lips are a sign of romantic love and passion and a symbol of happiness – the meaning of a dream depends on its people.

Dreaming of a kiss on the lips also means that you are entering a stage of life characterized by emotional stability and the possibility of experiencing moments of complete happiness.

Dream can also mean that you are sensual, attractive. Whether the dream is pleasant to you may also indicate that you are or are not ready to start a relationship with the person who appears in the dream.


If you kiss a person who is no longer alive, it is a sign that you miss them and are looking for similar feelings that you had in common.

Kissing a stranger

When you kiss a stranger in a dream, it can be interpreted as a sign of loving disappointment. These dreams are often associated with dissatisfaction with emotional and sexual life and are common in people who do not have good relationships with their loved ones.

Dreaming can also mean that you should get to know yourself better. Maybe something is blocking your actions, perhaps you are driven by prejudices, or perhaps you are not using your full potential?

Kissing a person you know

If you kiss a person you know in a dream and feel comfortable with them, you have closeness, affection, or some deeper bond. If it’s not a pleasant situation, it may indicate that you have a bad relationship with that person.

The meaning of dream is associated with the disclosure of the need to improve communication or the need to be more involved in resolving a conflict situation.

A dream can also symbolize the existence of a feeling, perhaps a secret love for that person. Depending on the person we’re kissing, a dream may indicate that we expect something from that person, such as reciprocation.

Kissing the baby

If you kiss a tiny child in a dream, the interpretation suggests that you are a good and innocent person. Perhaps you are looking for love in real life.

The dream indicates that you are currently enjoying economic and emotional stability. You feel happy. Perhaps you will soon receive the reward that you have been hoping for.

kissing baby

Kissing siblings

Sibling love is one of the strongest. Kissing a brother or sister in a dream is usually a sign of happiness. Dream means that you will begin to enjoy your moments of joy within a few days.

Suppose the child who appears in a dream your younger brother or sister symbolizes that happiness. Kissing a family member means you live in a way that enables you to improve your physical and mental health.

The meaning of dream is also related to the fact that you have the opportunity to develop yourself and support your abilities, such as career advancements or academic scholarships.

You can also expect the return of great love.

Kissing with a boyfriend

If you are in a relationship with the person you see in your dream, your love will either bloom or become a painful and lasting feeling. You will experience new emotions, and you will feel safe.

Kissing with an ex-boyfriend

If you are free, a dream foreshadows the emergence of a new feeling. A dream may also suggest forgetting what was, coming to terms with reality, and accepting it. It’s time to deal with what the future holds.

Depending on how you feel while sleeping, you can interpret dream as an indicator of how you feel right now: anger, frustration, longing, contentment.

Kissing with a man/woman

Such a dream means that you are very committed to the relationship and serious about it for the future. Another possible interpretation of the dream is that you realize that you are working together and positively complement each other.


Kissing your partner on the lips in a dream symbolizes the desire to live together intensely, experience more incredible experiences and adventures, and enjoy the shared experiences.

Kissing someone of the same sex

A kiss from a person of the same sex shows that you have achieved complete self-acceptance, feel good about yourself, and be happy with your life.

Kissing someone already dead

If you kiss a person who has died, it is a sign of good health and happy family life.

A kiss from someone who has already died is a sign of long life and good health, especially if it is your relative or friend. It is also a sign of your spiritual connection with that person, your memory of them, and your still-felt feelings for them.

kissing in dream

Kinds of kisses

Steamy kiss

A dream of a passionate kiss is a sign that you are looking for support and that the person you are kissing, even if you are not emotionally attached to them, will provide you with what you need.

Stolen kiss

When you steal a kiss from someone, you conflict with someone. You have to find a way to resolve it.

When someone steals a kiss from you, be prepared for unforeseen events.

Forced kiss

A dream with forced kissing means that someone very close to you is not acting honestly with you. They may even cheat on you. Think about who you should step away from and who to watch out for.


What Does It Mean When I Dream About Kissing?

  • Kissing on the hand – you are ready to start a romantic relationship or a new relationship
  • Forehead kissing – get ready for these difficult situations
  • Kissing on the cheek – you will be lucky in love
  • Kissing on the lips – moments of happiness ahead of you
  • Kissing a stranger – you are disappointed in your relationships with loved ones
  • Kissing a person you know – fix relationships and end conflicts
  • Kissing a child – there is harmony in your life
  • Kissing siblings – you’ll be lucky
  • Kissing your boyfriend – your love blooms

dream kiss

Dream about kiss, kissing

Kisses are intrinsic to feelings and display: love, lust, passion, and sensuality, but they can also be more neutral in meaning, such as a friendly kiss.

Kissing in dreams often happens because this ritual accompanies almost all of us, not only in the sense of love but, for example, on the occasion of making wishes, thanks for something, etc.

In our dreams, there may be kisses related to feelings, i.e., love, passion, romanticism, or as a metaphor for consent or death, according to the existing expressions that define these issues. If we dream that we kiss someone, it is often a clear erotic symbol, testifying to our inclinations towards that person.

To properly analyze a dream in which a kiss or kissing occurs in some context, we must first study it carefully, considering all the accompanying details. It is important how we are oriented to the unfolding events that occur in our dream and what activities and what is the subject of a kiss. If it is a human, we must pay attention to the part of the body that is kissed because it is of great importance.

For example, when we dream that we are kissing someone on the neck, it is a sign that while awake, we desire that person and feel passionate about them. Our relationship. When we dream that someone kisses us on the forehead, it is a warning from our subconscious mind that, in reality, someone has bad intentions toward us under the guise of kindness, and we must be careful with our surroundings.

When we dream that we are kissing a person, we are in a waking relationship; our mutual relations will not be threatened shortly. If we dream that we are kissing our mother, it is a harbinger of success for us in our professional and perhaps also personal life. If we kiss someone we don’t know, or some stranger kisses us, it may be a warning from our subconscious that we lead a too promiscuous lifestyle or constantly chase pleasures without paying attention to more important matters and responsibilities.

On the other hand, when we dream that someone is kissing a person with whom we are waking up, it may be a signal from our subconscious that we need to start trying more for our partner’s favor because we have not been doing it for a long time and it may have dire consequences for us.

When it is dark in our dream while kissing, it may indicate a dangerous situation inconsistent with some rules, most likely moral. It may mean, for example, that we will be betrayed or betray the person with whom we are in a relationship. And when it is bright during our sleep, it foreshadows that the most positive changes will soon occur in our lives or relationships.


Other meaning of kiss dream – What Dream About Kiss Means?

Association: – Intimacy, – affection, – greeting. Question: – To whom or would like what I to be close?


The kiss is a picture for the union. Still today some statesmen (e.g., gay communists) give themselves to the sign of the peaceful discussion a brotherhood kiss, above all in Russia and France. The kiss on the mouth and therefore on the linguistic organ of another person indicates the need in the dream to argue with this person, to reconcile or to take up a narrower spiritual-mental respect.

The spiritual communication is also often meant with the kiss. The dreaming seals a pact with the kiss, because to come he ready to an arrangement, is. This can also be of sexual nature, nevertheless, it can also concern a friendship. Even the very intimate French kiss is in the dream rather a signal for the need of the approach to another person.

If he is given in erotic dreams, a respect is mostly in order, even if it is not in the dream the partner which one kisses. However, the kiss can also mean that the dreaming searches unconsciously a quality of this person in himself.

Kiss (kisses) can embody longing for affectionate love, stand in general also for sympathies. If the dreaming is kissed, this shows that he is estimated around itself for the sake of and is loved, or care is offered – it could be a Judaskuß. Other meanings arise with the following accompanying circumstances:

  • The kiss symbolises the highest luck and promises ill recovery.
  • kiss registers preserved that one is respected and is estimated.
  • kiss give success indicates with the in each case other gender.
  • hand kiss warns about flattery and deception.
  • old people kiss points to a disappointment.
  • ground kiss announces a humiliation which one suffers.
  • other with the kiss see stands often for depressive mood as a result of unfull longings.


One single kiss often has a spiritual and religious colouring and symbolises a spiritual blessing. It is signs of the love, deference, friendship, union and reconciliation.


Close friends friendly welcome, respond and kiss, is good, – one will say friendly words and get to hear, – it is less good if one appeals to people who are not close, but in any way are known.

If one dreams of appealing to personal enemies and of kissing, the hostility will have an end, while the kisses of a dead person are fateful for a sick person, – the dream indicates it prophesied to him the death, – to a healthy, he will carry on no important negotiations in the immediate present because his lips touched a dead person. If one kisses dead people who were especially dear to one at her lifetimes and pleasant, this is neither for the talking nor for an otherwise plan of disadvantage.


Arabic, islam

  • Dreaming somebody, he kisses a friend who is an enemy to him to be reconciled with him, he will be to him even more enemy, – he is not his enemy, he will initiate him into his secret.

it becomes

  • Kissing somebody a dead person, if he is who wants he, emperors or my husband, in such a way become ill as he felt with the kiss of the dead love.
  • Caressing somebody only simulates an animal, he will have profit and luck in his life if get to know a monkey or ‘copycat’, a devious, but powerless enemy to the love.

it becomes

  • Kissing somebody a close relative, to him according to the affection which found her expression in the kiss goodwill.
  • a nice, unmarried person: you will been disappointing,
  • a married person: Incommodities will remain not saved to you.
  • affectionately: you worry about a friend,
  • wildly: your longing for love is fulfilled,
  • briefly: disappointed love,
  • a child: pure love and friendship,
  • fail: you think of an adultery,
  • a hand: you lose to respect,
  • if woman one her unknown man kisses: Care is offered in the next time if it makes man’s acquaintances, – these relations will not mostly be long-lasting and be connected with a lot of annoyance and worries, – (the same is valid for men)
  • if woman a loving man or the husband kisses: she will form the relation to the partner even more happily. (the same is valid for men)


  • a pleasant kiss in the dream is the herald unforgettably clarify erotic meeting or a general improvement of the sexual life. If one does not feel the kiss as pleasant, a small disappointment is to be expected in dear problems.


  • are kissed unauthorised: if is valid as a token from falseness,
  • kiss unauthorised a person: False actions and personal decline,
  • receive: one is respected,
  • many kisses exchange: one will have good views,
  • give: a request will be beaten off to one,
  • give one to a foreign woman: one is liked with the other gender very much, – Li> betrays loose morality images,
  • kiss the lover in the darkness: it are to dangers and mindless relations on,
  • kiss the lover with daylight: one is guided over and over again towards the best intentions what concerns women,
  • your rivals see kissing your lover: one gets in danger to lose the esteem,
  • give to a man: one will receive a resignation,
  • of the mother give: points to longing for tenderness, – on business is successful and from friends are estimated and are loved,
  • kiss a sister or a brother: if a lot of joy means in your respect,
  • of an old person give: if a dear disappointment tells in,
  • kiss an enemy: one is on the way to reconcile himself with an angry friend,
  • kiss somebody on the nape: if means emotionality and itself gehenlassen,
  • on the hands give: if luck tells in the love and friendship in,
  • in the face: if brings success,
  • want to kiss and are not allowed: if brings melancholy,
  • somebody despicable proofs kiss: points to dubious pleasure, – dedicate themselves to despicable cravings, disgrace about the family can bring,
  • kiss a dead: if rich progeny,


  • kiss a single person: promises good and frank friends,
  • kiss a married person: Evil and quarrel,
  • kiss a bride: if means a happy reconciliation of friends,
  • are kissed by the bride: one will take pleasure to good health, and your treasure will inherit to unexpected manner a property,
  • kiss a bride and to feel that they look anxious and ill: means that one is contented with the action manner of the friends,
  • kisses a bride others: one will have many friends and a lot of joy of life,
  • kissing married couples see: one estimates a harmonious family life,
  • other see kissing each other: if brings sadness,
  • kiss the earth: if means grief and humiliation,
  • kiss a crucifix: one will accept worries resignedly,
  • children kiss each other: the reunion of the family and professional success approach,
  • If a young woman the forehead of her lover kisses, he is discontented with her because of her shameless behaviour.
  • Dreaming a young woman to be observed how she kisses her lover, this points to the envy which a wrong friend looks after against them. If she sees her lover kissing another, her hopes for marriage are shattered.


  • Dreaming one, he kisses somebody because of love and affection, he will prove to the same from dear favours, – however, he does it to operate intimate with him, that who has kissed will learn from the other good.
  • Kissing somebody another on the neck, the caressing will be appealing to the other, if on the shoulder, to his women, if on the arm, to his brother or faithful farm-hand. The corresponding is valid, as already said, from the remaining body parts.


  • Kissing somebody a known dead, he will do to his soul or his heirs good if give an unknown dead, to a prince on thanks also serve him.
  • get kiss on own hand: wrong friends, – falseness,
  • kiss, somebody the hand: you have good views,
  • receive kiss: Resignation of a beloved person,
  • give: your love is answered,
  • rob: you are hotly loved,
  • clarifies girl: you will soon celebrate wedding,
  • a man: Infidelity,
  • want to and not be allowed: Melancholy,
  • the earth: Grief and humiliation,
  • married people: Quarrel and quarrel,
  • children: a lot of joy in the life.
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