The meaning of this dream is about the power to deal with problems, to put an end to something that is holding you back. You have the ability to walk difficult paths with your head held high and without giving up. The dream is a sign that you have a lot of energy within you to help you achieve what you want. Clear your mind and let go of anything that hurts you.

A dream in which you kill someone means that you are ready to solve problems that take away your peace and joy. Such a dream usually indicates an attempt to end something or get rid of what is not good for your existence.


Dreaming of killing someone

Killing someone you know (someone close to you, a relative)
Dreaming of killing someone can mean that you are a courageous person who faces difficulties with your head held high. You have the strength and energy to fight back.

The dream also shows your anger at something or someone. If the person you killed in the dream is a member of your family, try to find out what is causing this condition and how you can get rid of this feeling.

Killing a lover (partner)

Dreams of killing a lover or partner are often a strong expression of jealousy. Think about your relationship. Maybe there is something in your relationship that has been bothering you for a while, but you still don’t want to face it.

To push and kill someone

The dream means that a complicated situation is being overcome and will soon be over, and that you have the ability to overcome obstacles. The dreamer advises you to concentrate on your progress and don’t dwell on the past.

Killing someone with a knife

A dream in which you kill someone with a knife usually indicates changes at work. This dream indicates that your financial life will change for the better and that you will create new opportunities with your own hands, so stay focused and don’t give up on your plans. The dream says that now is the perfect time to fight for your next goal, to present new ideas. Have the courage to fight for what you want.

The other meaning of the dream has to do with your feelings; you are probably carrying something inside you that keeps hurting you. Put it aside and focus on your present and future; you deserve to take better care of yourself. The dream suggests that you need a break and a release from a bad past.


The dream also symbolises getting rid of addictions and other things that are hurting you.

Killing someone with a machete

To dream of killing someone with a machete is associated with a sense of justice.

It is possible that you may be facing some kind of dilemma in a relationship or at work, for example if you are the victim of a situation or the culprit. So pay attention to your attitude towards people and their attitude towards you. People can make mistakes, just like you. Try to avoid bad situations and be honest with others, this is the best way to avoid problems.

Kill someone with scissors

A dream that you are killing someone with scissors can signify a desire to let go of negative thoughts and enjoy what is really important. This dream is a sign that you need to appreciate what you really want, only then will you be able to achieve your goals and live life to the fullest.

To kill someone with a gunshot (shoot someone)

The dream can be a sign that you want – but cannot, share something with others. The dream also reveals your discomfort with some person from whom you feel threatened. It could also be a warning against taking radical action. You may be trying to convince someone to believe a lie.

Your mind and body are overloaded with many tasks. You need to relax.

To kill someone with your own hands

A dream that you have killed someone with your own hands is a discharge of the frustration and anger you feel in reality. It is possible that you feel you are about to explode.

This means that you are trying to find a way to vent. You may not be able to express your emotions and concerns, or you may not know how to do so.


The dream is also often associated with a deep and subconscious need to change something about yourself. The hands symbolise an effort to build something better and more meaningful. You may find yourself in a situation that prompts you to build and change.

To kill someone in a game

The meaning of the dream signals that you are taking life too lightly. You are reckless and completely unaware of the consequences of your decisions and actions.

This dream suggests that you should start getting your affairs in order before you cause damage to yourself and other people.

To kill someone who has already died (dead)

The dream can be a call to accept the death of someone, only then will you be able to feel peace and let the sadness pass.

The other meaning of the dream has to do with the desire to cast out of your heart someone who is no longer a part of your life, yet is still in your thoughts.

To kill someone and be happy

The dream explains that you lack self-confidence. You let others decide for you and follow the orders of others without even thinking about their meaning and significance. This dream should make you reconsider who you trust and why, what YOU want and what YOU are aiming for.

Kill someone and hide the body

A dream in which you kill someone and hide the body may show that you want to avoid some problems.

Sometimes the person you kill in a dream is a metaphor: something you want to be gone forever takes the form of a living being. Think about what this might be.


Dream meaning: To kill someone

  • To kill someone you know (someone close to you, a relative) – you carry anger inside you
  • To kill a lover (partner) – you are jealous
  • Push someone and kill them – don’t look into the past
  • Kill someone with a knife – your financial life will change positively
  • Kill someone with a machete – avoid problems
  • Kill someone with scissors – abandon negative thoughts
  • Kill someone with a gun (shoot someone) – you need to rest
  • Kill someone with your own hands – you want to change something
  • Kill someone in a game – you take life too lightly
  • Kill someone who has already died (dead) – accept reality
  • Kill someone and be happy – you lack confidence
  • Kill someone and hide the body – you want something to disappear forever

dream killingTo dream that you kill someone portends your overwhelming tension which may cause you to blow your top as you are likely to lose temper and self-control. Check your emotions and assess if you are harboring rage or bad feelings towards the person you killed in your dream. Your dream may be an actual projection of enormous anger or hatred towards that person. On the other hand, you might be merely seeing yourself in the person you killed. You may be wishing to end the traits that this person represents within you. Is it dawning on you that you might end up as an equally scornful person?

To dream that you have been killed symbolizes a certain level of inconsistency between your actions and your emotions. Alternatively, your dream may be pointing to sudden major changes happening in your waking life.

Your dream may also represent a part of you or your life that you have ignored has been resulting to a number of annoying incidents. The act of killing may be a dramatization for killing these negative and embarrassing traits and habits.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Killing

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