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The jungle symbolizes nervousness caused by financial troubles. Learn to manage your budget better.

Dream meaning jungle

The jungle can also express a longing for a more exciting life.


If you are wandering in a dream in the jungle, it is a sign that you will struggle hard to survive in a difficult and violent world.

If you dream of crossing the jungle, it’s a sign that you need to change tactics at work. Established alliances will completely fail you.

When you see it from a distance in your dream, it’s a sign that you’re going to make your dreams come true. It is good for you to do it, even if they are a bit crazy.

When you are lost in the jungle in your dream, it is a sign that your negative feelings or attitude will hinder progress in your life.

If in your dream you have the skills to survive in it, it’s a sign that you are a very energetic, open-minded and adventurous person. You are not afraid of new challenges.

jungle dream symbol

Dream about a jungle

During a dream, the action of which takes place in the jungle, most often we feel anxiety, disorientation, we hear many sounds of wildlife coming at us from different directions, we are surrounded by dense vegetation, we lose our orientation and constantly feel fear that somewhere in the thicket lurks danger – wild animals or natives who are just waiting for the right moment to attack us.


How to interpret dreams about the jungle?

Dreams about the jungle appear very often in people who have a stressful job. They are an expression of the aggression and survival instinct latent in us.

The unknown, untamed jungle in the dream evokes fear in us, a feeling of entrapment, claustrophobic even….

It is worth considering whether we happen to be in such a hostile environment in our daily lives. After all, very often the jungle is a dreamy symbol of stress and competition in the workplace, where everyone is closely watching our every step and waiting only for our mistake to attack.

Despite the fear and uncertainty, we often keep working, just as we wandered through the forest in the dream…. If we manage to regain a sense of security in a dream, it is a very good sign – because it means that we are characterized by fortitude, and although sometimes we are not aware of it, it can speak up at the least expected moment.

jungle dream meaning

How would Freud interpret the dream of the jungle?

Freud believed that one of the main engines driving human behavior is aggression. Wild animals are metaphors for the violent impulses that arouse our fear…. Such unconscious aggression, which arouses our feelings of guilt, makes the dreamer separate from his neurosis and see it in the dream as animals lurking in the thicket.

How would a dream about a jungle be interpreted by Jung?

For Jung, the ancient forest inhabited by snakes, monkeys and other wild animals was a symbol of the unconscious. Such wildlife embodied instincts and aggression, which aroused fear and guilt in the dreamer.

Jungle dream

The jungle is a metaphor for stress and competition; such a dream often occurs in people who have exhausting and anxious jobs.

It also symbolizes an element of your own personality that may be obliterated or forgotten; the dream may indicate chaos and unforeseen circumstances that will soon appear in your life.


A recurring dream about a jungle is indicative of your overwork, perhaps it’s time to slow down at least for a while and withdraw from the rat race.

  • see – there will be unforeseen circumstances that will slow down the actions you have taken
  • be in it – you will find yourself in a world full of intriguing mysteries and new challenges
  • get lost in it – your negative feelings or attitude will hinder your progress
  • to cross the jungle – chaos has set in your life for good, the only way out of the current situation is to put your existence in order from scratch
  • if you have the skills to survive in the jungle – you are not afraid of new challenges and any difficulties, you are a determined and tenacious person.

dream jungleIf it was a nightmare: They will have trouble, themselves ‘a way of freizuschlagen’ to make progress. They are surrounded by obstacles and should be caught on bewildering surprises. The jungle is valid in general as a symbol for an inscrutable situation in which one easily leaves ‘the way’ what can express, however, also emotional problems (and a hardly estimateable respect with a partner).



  • you has got lost with your thoughts. Consider in rest and you will find the way.

(European ones).:

    tensions will cause

  • financial matters, – you plan more economically, as long as it is a time.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Jungle

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