dream juiceSymbol for food (to understand also emotionally and spiritually), joy and vitality.


The dream symbol juice stands basically for a healthy food. To concretise further it, the colour of the juice and his taste direction must be interpreted. It is also important from which fruit he comes.




  • in general: if essentials and important always symbolise, – stands for increase in money and property, as well as luck in the love and stabilisation of the health,
  • see pressing: one wants to force you to something,
  • press: you will explain your plan,
  • sweeten drink: Pleasure, – also: you get a dear message,
  • to sour ones drink: you will have annoyance and frustration,
  • to harsh ones drink: a disagreeable obligation, – also: one meets you a little and you must exert yourself very much to achieve the aim,
  • give to a sick person: one favours you,
  • give away: you will get thankful friends.


  • a good sign: The juice, indifferently of which fruit, stands for essential and essentials. He means an increase in money and property, improvement and stabilisation of the health and luck in the love. In general the sign wants to remind of the values of the life and the nature and suggest to live in the harmony with the natural laws. (Woman

+ / child +)

(European ones).:

  • indicates that one needs the favour of high-powered people to accomplish something.


  • of berries: Increase of an illness.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Juice

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