dream joyAssociation: – Happy being, – well-being. Question: – What have I accepted unconditionally?


Joy appears as a feeling state in different forms in dreams, – it is understood mostly as a token for a well-balanced and chamber-cheerful being with good relations with the contemporaries. According to the personal living conditions the symbol sometimes also asks to take care of more internal balance and self-knowledge. On the other hand, they signal that one himself could use more of it. One feels own life too soberly and monotonously – too cheerlessly just.




  • about something feel: your enterprise has succeeded to you and brings success,
  • feel in general: an insult remains not saved to you,
  • bring: you are seen with pleasure and are invited.


  • feeling you in the dream joy, so you should perceive your possibilities and projections, but without, besides, others to want to do down. Luck and success is sure to you in the next future if you succeed in being good and fair independently. In general the sign wants to say you that you do well in it, to itself as a part of the whole to see as a person of many and to act afterwards: They should search the community more different.

(European ones).:


  • expression of internal balance, – one should check whether it is real or artificial, – also: good health, sometimes grief on the day,
  • joy because of an event: harmonious friendship.


  • feel: your achievements will find recognition.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Joy

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