A dream about a journey signifies the need for self-discovery. It may represent some changes that are about to happen in your life, or it may indicate that you will be able to fulfill many of your dreams. But if the journey is difficult, you can expect problems and obstacles. A dream about a journey also indicates the possibility of new friendships and interesting adventures.

Dreambook journey

Journey by bicycle

The dream foretells new excitement and opportunities, whether in love or at work. Something good will befall you. If you rode on a straight road, you can rest assured that you will easily reach your destination. If the road is winding obstacles will appear in front of you. If the road is surrounded by trees, nice surprises await you.


Journey by car

Dreambook foretells love and happiness. If someone else is traveling with you in the dream, it means that it is time to create a stronger relationship with him.

The dream indicates that your life is changing for the better and that your desires will come true.

Journey by bus (coach).

Dreambook assures you that you are on the right path, even if your goals take time to materialize. Patiently follow the designated path.

A dream about a journey by bus also means that you may encounter some obstacles in your life. Some problems may negatively affect you, but you may also be lucky enough to gain unexpectedly.

Train journey

If you dream about a train journey, you should be careful when making new commitments to avoid frustration.

Another dream meaning suggests that you are very confident. Such an attitude can spoil a lot.


Journey by airplane

A dream about a journey by plane usually depicts disagreements in the family. The meaning of the dream can also indicate positive changes. Dreambook recommends avoiding conflicts and taking advantage of opportunities.

The meaning of the dream about flying also means that you have total control over your life. You are confident and sure of your decisions and achievements. But if you dream that you missed a flight or were late for a journey it means that you are nervous in some situations. You feel that someone or something is hindering your progress.

Another interpretation of this dream could mean that you feel limited in your work and in your relationships with others.

Journey by ship or boat

The dream represents an escape from something bad, such as business or a relationship. If the sea was rough, the dream foretells family conflicts, if the water was calm and clear, there would be peace and harmony in your life.

Journey by truck

Dreambook states that you have a need for security. Especially if the journey is long, the meaning of the dream symbolizes anxiety before the future. Acquire more distance.

Journey through time

Time travel in a dream reveals that you are trapped in memories, and you want to escape from reality. You do not accept your current state. Dreambook advises you to stop dwelling on the past and deal with what is in front of you.

Lonely journey

A dream that you are traveling alone or get lost on a journey means that you do not take into account the opinions of others, and this can cause you a lot of problems. Be more flexible.

Journey with family

Family journeys (especially abroad) are a harbinger of happiness. Thus, reject all negative thoughts and open yourself to what the world offers you.


A dream in which you travel in the company of family means that new friendships, strong ties, and many financial benefits will come. It means that happiness, prosperity, and all the best in will appear in your life.

Journey with friends

Traveling with friends in a dream is a harbinger of good news and positive energies. Enjoy the moment and take advantage of what life gives you.

The dream means that you are with people who love you and who help you. Whenever you need help, you can count on your friends. The dream indicates stability in your life, peace, and security.

Journey with a loved one

Dreambook warns: beware of gossip, especially in the workplace. Do not give others a reason to gossip about you, do not provoke arguments. Stick to the facts and rely primarily on yourself.

Business journey

Business journeys in a dream symbolize your achievements. The dream foretells that you will enjoy success.

Journey into space (space flight).

A journey into space indicates the need to take care of yourself. Take some time for yourself, relax, take care of your interests, and go away for a few days.

Journey abroad

A dream about traveling abroad can mean that you will have marital problems. It can also represent the end of loving relationships.

Vacation journey

If you dream about a vacation journey, it means that good news is coming and your life will change for the better.


Another dream meaning suggests that you can satisfy your personal aspirations and fulfill a professional commitment. You will be able to do a lot but also think about rest.

If you are traveling in a hurry, the dream shows your current situation. It also represents the need to know yourself.

Summary of the meaning of the dream about the journey

  • Journey by bicycle – something good will happen to you
  • Journey by car – your life is changing for the better
  • Journey by bus (coach) – patiently follow the designated route
  • Journey by train – be cautious when making new commitments
  • Journey by plane – you have total control over your life
  • Journey by ship or boat – you are running away from something
  • Journey by truck – you lack a sense of security
  • Journey in time – you want to escape reality
  • Lonely journey – you do not take into account the opinions of others
  • Journey with family – happiness and prosperity will appear in your life
  • Journey with friends – you can count on your friends
  • Journey with a loved one – beware of gossip, especially at work
  • Journey in business – you will enjoy success
  • Journey into space (space flight) – take some time for yourself
  • Journey abroad – pay attention to your relationship
  • Vacation journey – your life will change for the better

Dream about journey

A journey can appear in our dreams in various contexts, usually completely realistic, for example, when we are reliving a journey that took place in our lives or when we are going on a journey soon and are already thinking about it intensely.

Sometimes, however, we also dream that we are going on a journey, but it does not come to fruition, for example, because something suddenly gets in our way. We can also feel differently about the journey, no matter what the destination is or what happens along the way, just as we can travel by various means of transportation, from quite ordinary to completely unusual.

Interpreting dreams about the journey

When a journey in some context appears in our dreams, it can be a sign that we subconsciously want to reach a higher level of inner development and seek the truth about ourselves. It can also foreshadow that we are about to enter a whole new stage of our life, in which we will experience spiritual enlightenment and it will have great consequences for our existence.

A journey by sea appearing in our dreams is a sign that we are trying to explore the secrets of our unconscious mind, but for now, we are only touching its surface. A journey in the mountains alludes to increasing our intellectual resources, which may or may not work out for us, depending on how our climb is. We should also consider whether our journey leads through beaten paths, and if so, what they look like, that is, whether there are obstacles on whom we have to overcome, or on the contrary, we go along them easily, pleasantly, and fast. If we dream of a journey through the desert, this is a reference to our soul and the state of the desert reflects the state of our inner self in waking life.

Also important in this type of dream is whether we are aware of the destination at the end of our journey because if so, heading to that destination signals that in waking life we are making significant progress toward our actual goal. If, on the other hand, we dream that we are wandering aimlessly and don’t know what the journey is actually for, it means that we feel lost in life and lack confidence and determination.

Also, the method of travel is important and has a symbolic meaning, thus we need to pay attention to whether we are traveling on foot, by some particular means of transport, or perhaps on the back of some animal.


Dreambook mystic – journey

In general, this symbol can mean that you need to change your ways in some way to reach your dream destination.

  • If you dream that you are embarking on a journey, it is a sign that in waking life you will soon change friends.
  • When you dream that you are on a journey, it signals that you do not fully know yourself what you want from life, and where you are going, thus you need to think about what you really want to achieve and set specific goals.
  • A journey without a destination is a sign that you will be very lonely in the near future.
  • A long journey promises that you will be able to make plenty of money.
  • A fast journey is a sign that the actions you take will remain unproductive.
  • A cheerful journey heralds prosperity for you on professional grounds.
  • An exotic journey heralds that great changes will take place in your life in the near future.
  • An adventurous journey foretells that your affairs will turn out the way these adventures look – successfully or not.
  • If you dream about a journey, it means that in waking life you are already tired of everyday life and need to somehow get away from it to gather new strength and motivation to continue.

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