dream janitorHe is valid as a symbolic shape for own conscience. He admonishes to more diligence and serious work. He knows the mental building exactly and maintains mostly order. Moreover, he owns the keys, above all to the ‘internal cellar’. If one sees him in the dream at the work, this is a tip that one should look after own sensitivities – around his psychic and physical constitution-. The house (the personality which I) should be maintained and be released ‘from old loads’, so that it can be lived again well in it.



  • see: Profit and advantage,
  • speak: you are treated impertinently.

(European ones).:

  • stands for bad guidance and disobedient children, – employees without dignity will annoy one,
  • search one and do not find: insignificant nuisances will disturb the friedvolle life,
  • find one: there develop pleasant connections with strangers, – no obstacles will position themselves in the way.


  • you will reach by your diligence an advantage.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Janitor

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