dream itchA dreamt itch is no especially good sign for own psychic and nervous constitution. A typical dream of apparently ‘cool’ people, the with pleasure sentences like ‘Such a thing cannot reach me!’ or ‘This does not itch me!’ say, but ‘put away’ the strain of the suitable situation only before others. Really one is much more sensitive, and such incidents “get under skin” so much that they lead to the nervous Überreizung which are dreamt then as a violent rash or as an acute itch. What can be felt so realistically that one scratches bloody – and this not only in the dream. (With frequent itch dreams a doctor’s visit becomes due!) However, the charm can also come from the outside, possibly from a tickling bed feather, however, the dream often takes up him and translates him as mental miseries which just stand in a queue, as fear of a check or as a jealousy towards a tiresome competitor. If no charm is given from the outside, it ‘itches’ the dreamer to do something certain maybe also.



  • of the skin: you will find out a news, – a nuisance will spread in future soon restlessness.
  • cannot scratch strongly and themselves: a quick outburst of rage will clean the tense atmosphere,
  • in the hand: Money comes to the house,
  • on the foot: you will do a trip,
  • in the arm: one wants to tempt you,
  • in the body: Illness.

(European ones).:

  • means that any fear will be groundless.


  • feel: you will receive a cash remittance.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Itch

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