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dream inventionIn the dream of an inventor combines the dreaming at the psychological level with the side of his personality which is also more introverted rationally and logically thinking, at the same time, however. The dreaming sits down in connection with his creativity. However, the inventor is rather a rationalist than practically trading, – he is able to take up an idea and they think through on her feasibility to.

  • inventor can appear as a wise teacher and counsellor in dreams if one seeks advice and help in difficult situations, – one can trust his recommendations, nevertheless, only partly, because they are often unrealistically out-of-touch. In general the inventor can stand for an indefatigable mind who argues curiously and eager to learn constantly with the world.
  • invention often announces a basic change in the life which starts, for example, by detailed self-knowledge, – behind it the discontent with the instantaneous life situation can also stand. An unsuccessful, not functioning or strange invention points out to the fact that one is too idealistic and out-of-touch and will achieve, therefore, no success, although one has taken a lot of trouble.


The inventor in the person is the part, the responsibility for the development takes over and ‘invents’ new being manners.




  • make: You will succeed something new and bring money.

(European ones).:

  • mostly sign of discontent with the given circumstances, – one should learn to think anyway more really,
  • see an inventor: soon take over a unique work which revalues the call of the name,
  • make: Success with other diligence, – one gets an important communication which will arrange one to change something in his present life,
  • are interested in one: strive for prosperity and realise his plans,
  • achieve no success with one: one has too idealistic ideas which cannot be moved in the practise,
  • in the war technology dream of a big one: tells disconcerting events in the politics in.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Invention

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