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dream insectsInsects like ants, spiders, cockroaches and the similar symbolise in the dream mostly contents of the subconsciousness. If in the dream many of these animals appear, or from a cupboard or behind the cooker hervorkrabbeln and with the dreaming states of anxiety release, this is always to be understood as a danger signal. Then the insects signal nervous disturbances of the dreaming. Single insects can express the feeling that the dreaming something interferes or annoys him. Insect often points to edged out experiences, events or feelings of guilt which one must consciously process. On the other hand, they possibly embody feelings of insignificance and powerlessness. How the dream is interpreted, depends on it which insects it concerns, besides. A wasp can point to danger, however, a beetle can symbolise dirt, but also protection. If one is stung by an insect, the illness, failures and losses can announce. If one kills the insect, however, one finishes the difficulties soon in an easy manner.


At the spiritual level insects show a menace in the dream as a rule. Insects can have a more positive meaning in the dream if they appear as a sending a reminder tip to instinctive behaviour.




  • see creep or flying: avoid underhand chatterboxes, – also: you will suffer a loss,
  • are stung of it: one tries to damage to you behind your back, – also: by an illness one will lose his forces,
  • insect bites: one wants to hurt you,
  • to one swarm: strong nuisances by disagreeable people or things, – (21, 70)
  • insects in the light see whirring: one should be extremely careful with business enterprises,


  • The dream sign reminds not to slight the repetitions and rigours of the everyday life, to master them and to recognise as necessary duties of the life. It expresses that one can only scale heights if one is ready to go through also valleys. Moreover, it costs more energy than one believes to get excited about the banalities of the everyday life. This is a useful knowledge which one should always take to heart.

(European ones).:

  • intentionally forced back little things have her meaning, – they become apparent, while one is stung by pangs of conscience, – further warn about deception, illnesses and losses also announce,
  • are swarmed by insects: one will be bothered in the everyday life by disagreeable people or matters,
  • see: one gets with a tiresome chatterbox to act,
  • small harmless ones see: Success and profit,
  • are stung by big ones: tells a loss or illness in,
  • kill: one will overcome his difficulties.


  • see flying: you will suffer small losses,
  • are stung by them: you are cheated,
  • have: you will attain good salary.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Insects

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