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dream inheritanceInheritance nothing deals with financial success, points rather to the mental abilities with whose help we could lighter form our private life. The inheritance assumed in the dream is something which can relieve us emotionally, in the awake life, however, we must carry out only a certain character conversion. She stands in general for a change in the life, – one accepts them, is valid as unfavorable, the refusal against it should announce a favorable turn. Further can be expressed in the inheritance that one takes over from another responsibility, ideas or other mental-spiritual values from which one may not allow to crush himself, however.



  • make and accept: your financial situation will get worse rapidly,
  • make and decline: your property will grow.
  • an exact amount of money, clearly visible inheritance: one will get in need if one behaves in future towards his person stingy.

(European ones).:

  • the sudden of the coming down inheritance causes quarrel and annoyance,
  • as an heir are used by valuables: one runs the risk to lose his possessions, – one is warned about forthcoming responsibility, – pleasant surprises can follow,
  • line up (money): if grief and misery,
  • is valid for the coming losses and thereby

  • refuse: favorable change of the situation, – economic success,
  • old things inherit: promises an important piece of luck.


  • you will be released from an oppressive situation.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Inheritance

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