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dream idolIdol symbolises banked expectations and materialist settings which lead to wrong life sighting, – one must correct this. Every now and then the need can also stand according to a model or counsellor behind it. Who takes dreams of ‘his star’ (popstar, sportsman, politician etc.) in the sleep and can be in increased (mostly erotic) variation weiterspinnt, ‘only one fan’, however, is fixed often on this idol shape so that he is able of no real respect. Every possible partner in the ‘real life’ has only for short time a chance if he is only possible to the idol (at least externally) so as – or presents itself so. If one often has such idol-attached dreams as an adult and avoids liveable relations, it points to a neurotic reality loss. One needs therapeutic help if one not only wants to remain and lose years of his life to an unreal dream.


(European ones).:

  • see: Somebody has fallen in love in one and searches the nearness.
  • meets a young woman her idol, a time of the satisfaction,
  • comes

  • meets a bachelor of his ideal woman, there is a positive turn in his business matters.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Idol

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