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dream hutAssociation: – Basic needs or old needs, – retreat, – modesty. Question: – Where in my life I am ready to be content?


In the positive sense: ‘Place is also in the smallest hut’ – in this sense a symbol for security under modest circumstances – and for a ‘sure place’ in a menacing situation, a symbol for shelter for (limited) time. In the negative sense: The small house (translates: our body) in whose narrowness the soul can take damage and the unconscious may give the instruction to go out more from itself, not always to bake only small bread rolls, but to act even something, so that one comes out of the instantaneous narrowness. Hut (Kate) can also point out to the fact that one may not be presumptuous, but should be content with the achieved. Also the admonition to more patience can stand behind it. If one lives in a poor hut, one must presumably wait long, until the life situation changes favourably.




  • see or are in it: you must endure your sufferings patiently, – small relations and small income,
  • seek in it shelter: joy,
  • follows grief

  • decorate: a secret love affair.

(European ones).:

  • expression to be content with him what gave the destiny, – reminder to the satisfaction,
  • see: meant patience in the grief, – moderate success,
  • see one on a green meadow: if prosperity means with unsteady luck,
  • call in in one: one will seek shelter from the hard demands of the life,
  • stay in one: if means heavy work,
  • live in a wretched one: one will enter in a nice new flat,
  • sleep in it: if bad health and discontent announces.


  • see: modest life, heavy work,
  • see burning: Accident in the family,
  • seek in it shelter: after long hopes the luck also comes to you,
  • must live in it: the way to your luck will still be long.

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