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dream hornA bugle refers to a warning or sends a signal of the request. In the traditional interpretation it was worth as a symbol for news and local changes – but at that time there was still the post horn. Today it is to be understood as a wind instrument clearly sexually.



  • blow: one bends his person to bring too big trustfulness and would do better to keep important things for himself,
  • see blowing themselves: one is called to a work,
  • hear blowing: you find no requited love, – also: one is envied by his people.


  • The sound of a horn in the dream to hear or to see a horn points to the quick arrival of good news. A positive turn announces itself. (Child



(European ones).:

  • fear of the self-undervaluing husband or lover,
  • blow: if a sign is for important news,
  • hear blowing: vain dear hope, – also: prophesies quick news with happy character,
  • the broken: stands for the death or an accident before the door,
  • children on horns see playing: are glad about the correspondence at home,
  • Blowing a woman a horn, she is afraid more of the marriage ceremony, than her lover.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Horn

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