The home of each of us is vital. The home is the basis for development and balance. A dream primarily symbolizes the state of your life position, mind, and material situation.

Since the house can be changed (renovated, moved), your situation may also change.


A dream about a home tells you what can be changed to live better and achieve your goals.

Dream house

A big house

Dream stands for prosperity, abundance, and financial stability. The dream interpretation suggests that you are a successful, professional person. Enjoy good energy, invest in new projects and remember about personal development.

The quality and size of the house indicate your requirements and life ambitions.

A large, luxurious home means challenging goals, but they are not impossible to achieve. If you’ve dreamed of a big house overlooking the ocean, it’s time to relax and start living peacefully. The dream also portends family unity and happy moments that cannot be missed.

A dream about a beautiful home symbolizes inner peace. Be confident to move forward.

To dream of a house with many rooms means conflicts, difficulties in work and love life, and adversities on your way.


Small house

A dream of a small house indicates that you may be going through a dangerous situation or that you will receive bad news. Prepare and secure as much as possible. Approach problems calmly.

Old house

If in a dream you saw or lived in an old house, expect a new love.

The old house dream represents a strong and urgent need to change a life. If you’ve moved to an old house, you may be disappointed in something.

Entering an old house with undamaged furniture indicates that you will meet someone you haven’t seen in a long time.

It is a dream that reveals the need to prioritize and change quickly.

If you enter an old house remodeled, it means taking new actions and setting new goals and aspirations. Finding people in your old house means you have problems with your shyness and must overcome them. Express your emotions to find your happiness.

If the house is old and ugly, then the dream is about the state of the body. The condition of your home in your dream shows the condition of your physical and mental health, as well as your condition. Look after yourself.

New home

The dream of a new home indicates financial stability and security, but also dissatisfaction with the current situation and foreshadows changes.


If in a dream you moved to a new house with large, expansive windows, you are in for a significant financial improvement. FROM

If you dreamed of a new home, it bodes well because the door to success and opportunities will open before you, and the decisions you have made recently will pay off.

If you dream of a luxurious home, you will achieve your goals, stability, and balance in life.

If you are still living with your parents, the dream tells you that you need to become independent to make a life for yourself.

Abandoned house

If you dream of an abandoned or dilapidated house, the dream may indicate problems in your life resulting from neglect and laziness.

Many important things can be lost like this, such as work, property, and even a loved one. Be more careful.

The dream also means guilt, abandonment, and loneliness.

House under construction

The importance of the dream of a house under construction focuses on several aspects of life. It portends beautiful love and indicates that you will get honors. Other people who build houses in a dream mean that you will live in comfortable conditions.


When a house is being built, it indicates the need to resolve the contradictions and choose the perfect path. It symbolizes exciting expectations for the future, which means you are making progress.

Dream symbolizes building a life full of dreams and realizing them without fear, drawing projects, and taking risks. It is a dream of great vitality, decision, and energy. You have a positive future vision and believe you can move forward with your ideals.

If there are workers in the house, you are preparing the changes you have wanted to make for a long time.

Home for renovation (ruined house)

A dream portends financial success, provided that you work hard.

If you dreamed of a dilapidated house with crumbling walls, this might be a warning that your house is uninhabitable, and you need to renovate it.

It would be best if you urgently had something new. Old houses can be painted and renovated, and that’s precisely what you need in your life. Everything old, no longer useful, should end up in the trash.

A dream can symbolize that you are going through a difficult time and that you need to make significant changes to your life.

House without a roof

The dream means your openness to change, to whatever is new. There may also be new people in your life that will affect your future.


Dreaming can also mean that your plans get a little complicated.

House in ruins

This dream means that your life lacks privacy and that strangers meddle in your affairs. Dream symbolizes gossip, criticism, and conflict.

Think about what causes such situations. Perhaps you are ruining your life with your prejudices. Take control of it because you can lose a lot.

A house that moves

According to the dream book, significant changes are come to your social status. You will become an influential person.

Another meaning of dream suggests instability and imbalance in your life. It’s time to face the problems.

Demolished house

You can avoid problems if you see a demolished house in a dream and are calm and humble.

The dream foreshadows parting with a loved one and destroying family harmony. Do whatever you can to save the family, but avoid conflicts and pressure.

House stolen

The dream means that a change is needed in your life. Perhaps you feel sad about things you cannot have.


The dream also symbolizes frustration at not achieving your goal. Find another way to get what you care about.

Fire in the house

The dream interpretation warns you should pay more attention to your life and health. Sudden and unexpected problems can occur that require immediate action.

A dream about a burnt house also symbolizes the desire to live and a longing for crazy and passionate love.

Family house

If you see or visit the house where you lived in a dream, it means that you will soon be going on a trip.

If, when you enter the house, everything is exactly like in the old days, get ready to meet someone you haven’t seen in a long time.

If your home has been fully or partially altered, it is a sign that your life will take off, and everything will be up to you. If you see people in this house, it means you are loved.

This dream, which symbolizes the family bond, also focuses on the personal aspects that developed in childhood and were part of this place. You are experiencing feelings that remind you of the past and those moments.

Grandparents’ house

The dream portends disappointment. Your plans or aspirations may not come true. However, this should not worry you because it opens up new opportunities and opportunities for you.


Grandma’s house

The dream means you can count on your grandma in any situation. You have strong ties with your grandmother. If you need reassurance, it is worth going to your grandma. She will undoubtedly lift you and give you self-confidence.

The house of the deceased grandmother

Grandma means to support and kindness. If you dreamed about your deceased grandmother’s house, you might need help in some area of ​​your life. It is also a warning against making ill-considered decisions.

Stranger house (Unknown House)

You are afraid of what is unknown, new. You are worried about the changes. It’s time to tame these fears. Open up more to the world and learn to know and experience it.

The dream of an unfamiliar house that is beautiful inside and out, with luxurious details, symbolizes the desire to evolve, and whatever you do will have a positive effect. The dream also means excellent expectations for the future in all areas that develop you.

Haunted house

The meaning of dream symbolizes fear. Learn to forgive. Leave the past behind and don’t come back to bad memories.

For this dream, evaluating how you feel when you enter the house is essential. If you are afraid, this is most likely a warning that you should pay attention to (what are you afraid of?). If you are comfortable, you can cope with the problems.

If you dream that you have visited a haunted house, it could also mean that you are ready to experience new things, but in fact, you are not enjoying the sudden change, and if a ghost appears, it is likely that someone from the past will appear in your life to leave. Your important message.

Home alone

If you dreamed of living alone at home, perhaps you are thinking about becoming independent.


Maybe you need a feeling of independence in making decisions, perhaps it’s time to take on some responsibilities, or you need to decide once and for all.

An empty house means insecurity and that you are uncomfortable for some reason. You’re missing something.

You bought a house

According to the dream book, you will have a short-term romance. It will be a time of great emotions and hot feelings for you.

Dreaming also signifies that you are very involved in family or professional matters.

Another meaning of a dream is that you are ready to fight for what you want, which is the best way to be independent.

You sold the house

Get ready for new responsibilities. Something will happen in life that requires you to spend time and patience. Maybe someone will need your help.

Look for a home to rent

If you were looking for a house to rent in a dream, it is a sign that the problem that worries you will soon be solved.

If you have seen a house with many doors and windows, a dream portends whole love and successful sex life.



Moving to a new home indicates that you are entering a new phase in your life.

Moving or changing the environment symbolizes the bridge between the past and the future and how the transition is made. If you are happy, it means well-being in your family. If this dream makes you sad, you are leaving behind a life you will miss.

Keys to the house

Dreaming means you will have access to things that seem impossible to achieve, but you can also get in the way of others.

Dirty house

The dream of a dirty house symbolizes reflection and analysis of feelings that may be unclear. What is bothering you is due to past situations, so you should take advantage of this moment to quickly solve your problems and move forward.

You have the strength to renew your life. Get rid of everything that does not belong to you and what is causing a mess in your life.

A dream about a dirty house symbolizes cleansing the heart from negative feelings.

Clean the house

Dream interpretation reminds you that it’s time to reflect on your life and put your affairs in order.

Your thoughts and surroundings need to be purged of certain behaviors, negative emotions, toxic people, and anything unfavorable to you.


Dark house

A dream in which you are in a dark house means waiting for a situation to be resolved, e.g., a family quarrel or problems between friends. Dreams can also portray moments of anxiety that will be difficult to deal with, although you can ignore them.

Wooden house

A dream about a wooden house symbolizes peace, silence, and serenity. Discover the way you have to face the world. Distance yourself from all problems, relax and make informed decisions.


A dream about a treehouse is a good sign that indicates social success and long-awaited recognition and respect according to others. Be firm and invest in your dreams.

House on the beach

A dream of a beach house symbolizes that you have an emotional problem or difficulty that you must face. Take a break, take a vacation to rest, and relieve stress that threatens your productivity.

House in the woods

The dream means that you have found peace and harmony. Perhaps you are looking for loneliness, an escape from problems. You may isolate yourself from the world to rethink some decisions.

House on the water

Such a dream portends prosperity and a search for spiritual relief. Perhaps you need a little rest to immerse yourself calmly in your thoughts.

The glass house

The dream means cheating and that you are still pretending. Think about where it comes from. You can’t always pretend to be something other than what you are.

Nursing home

Take care of your health. The dream interpretation suggests not ignoring any symptoms and signals of the body about fatigue, pain, or abnormalities.


The dream also means you need to rethink your pursuit of a goal you still cannot achieve. You may have to choose other ways to make your plans come true.

Funeral home

You will get lucky in games of chance. Dreaming can also mean changing your plans. If you fail to do something, you must stop your activities.

Dreaming of a funeral home also means meetings or new directions in your life. The meaning of the dream and its interpretation largely depends on what house you see in the dream and the circumstances of the dream vision.


A dream can be a warning that you are acting immorally, losing valuable values, and disregarding the feelings of others. Another meaning of a dream is that you long for freedom, want to feel liberated, or look for a relationship without obligation.

Yet another meaning of the dream can reveal your hidden fears of relationships or the opposite sex.

The importance of the house dream

  • Big house – enjoy good energy and train yourself
  • Small house – approach problems calmly
  • Old house – you can meet a new love
  • New home – changes are coming
  • Abandoned house – problems can arise because of your negligence
  • House under construction – you are making progress and changing your life
  • House for renovation (damaged house) – abandon what is old and useless
  • A house without a roof – new people and new situations will appear in your life
  • The house is collapsing – reduce rumors and conflicts, or you can lose a lot
  • The house is moving – there is instability and imbalance in your life
  • Demolished house – avoid conflicts and take care of your loved ones
  • House stolen – find another way to get what you care about
  • House fire – pay more attention to your life and health
  • Family home – you are going on a journey
  • Grandparents’ house – you will be disappointed in something
  • Grandma’s house – you can always count on your grandma
  • Deceased grandmother’s house – don’t make ill-considered decisions
  • Wonderful home (unknown home) – do not be afraid of new things. Open up more to the world
  • Haunted house – learn to forgive
  • Home alone – be independent, take responsibility for your decisions
  • You have bought a home – you are very involved in family or professional matters
  • You have sold your house – get ready for new responsibilities
  • You are looking for a house to rent – the problem that worries you can be solved
  • Moving – you are entering a new phase of your life
  • House keys – you can achieve a lot
  • Dirty house – solve past problems and move forward
  • Cleaning your house – It’s time to reflect on your life
  • Dark house – you are waiting for some situation to be resolved
  • Wooden house – distance yourself from problems, relax and make decisions consciously
  • Treehouse – you will gain social success, recognition, and respect
  • Beach house – You have an emotional problem or difficulty that you have to face
  • House in the woods – you have found peace and harmony
  • House on the water – you need a rest to think about everything
  • Glasshouse – don’t pretend to be someone else
  • Retirement home – take care of your health
  • Funeral home – plans will have to be changed
  • Brothel – you long for freedom and life without obligations

dream homeOwn home also plays in the dream a role.

  • the dreamer feels fine in it, he needs to give himself around his soul peace no troubles.
  • Being it untidy or one sees it without usual pieces of furniture, his psyche is cracked a little bit.
  • Who lacquers it, that needs sometimes a change of scenery.


The foundation of a home prophesies away from home to one which does not want to marry or take there flat, the death. Thus died the young man from Bithynien to whom it dreamt, he is based a home in Rome.


(European ones).:

  • own: Health, luck and well-being,
  • registers that one will reach to high honour as well as luck and favour,
  • visit his old home: points to good news,
  • be old see in dilapidated state: This dream of the old home means warning of illness or death of a relative, – for a young woman that she will lose good friends or female friends.
  • are a matter home and everything comfortably and the family cheerfully of finding: announces harmony in the private life, as well as success in the occupation.


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