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dream hermitA hermit is a person who withdraws from the life to lead an exclusively spiritual existence. If the dreaming meets the hermit, he discovers in himself the dimensions of the spiritual consciousness. Also: There is a kind of loneliness which stops the person from entering relations on a base of equality. This can manifest itself in dreams in the figure of the hermit.


At the spiritual level the hermit stands for the holy or wise old man.




  • you will be happy and contented.


  • A hermit to see contains the request to venture more and to start if one means it with his aims seriously.
  • in the dream even a hermit to be, promises that nice times of mental peace will follow the present variations and uncertainties.
  • calls anyway the dream sign the dreaming, in itself hineinzuhorchen to be outward more courageous and more vigorous. In general rest would be good a little. (Woman


(European ones).:

  • A time of the grief and the sadness approaches. One will be alone a lot.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Hermit

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