Handbag, purse

The handbag is an important accessory in which we store many personal items that identify us. It is a symbol of the container in which we store our emotional abilities to be used at the right time. If we are able to find the items in it, it is a sign that you know how to deal with your emotions, but you don’t always follow through. If you find it difficult or impossible to find the object you are looking for, the dream indicates the need for emotional maturity.

Dream meaning of a handbag

Dreaming of a handbag means that you feel overburdened, taking on too many responsibilities and not having time to live your life. It can also indicate a desire to feel well prepared for something.


It also signifies the need to search for the emotional qualities you need to solve problems at a particular time. A dream about a handbag also indicates that you are close to success if you use your skills effectively.

The meaning of the dream about a handbag

To carry a handbag

This dream refers to all the things that you bring into your life. This can be your daily chores as well as your emotional baggage. Take a look at what’s in your purse in the dream. Is anything missing? Or is anything unnecessary?

Many handbags

The dream can mean that you have a lot of skills, but you don’t know how to use them. It can also indicate an improvement in your livelihood, but it will require good management on your part.

If the situation in the dream represents your extravagance or vanity, it means that you should pay special attention to your money, which may be misused, resulting in severe financial shortages in the near future.

Someone else’s purse

Dreaming about someone else’s wallet means that the other person’s feelings are very important to you. It is necessary to find out what is hidden in the purse, i.e. what aspects of this person affect you the most.

Full purse

If you carry a full purse in your dream, it means that you are overloaded with your responsibilities and problems. You are carrying in your dream exactly what you let into your life when you are awake. No wonder you feel pain in your shoulder under the weight of the bag, for in addition to your difficulties, you are carrying the problems of your friends and family. It’s time to get rid of the excess of what doesn’t belong to you and what is no longer useful to you, and keep only what is really good for you.


Dreaming of a full bag also indicates that you may have problems that need to be resolved quickly. Share your problems, find a friend with whom you can talk openly. The dream is a sign that you need to solve problems that have been put off for some time. Ignoring problems will not solve them.

Empty purse

A dream about an empty purse symbolizes that you are open to what life brings, to accepting something or someone. You are ready for news and change. This is because you have emptied your life of everything that no longer makes sense for your life and made room for new possibilities.
Another meaning of the dream is that money will come to you, moments of great prosperity are coming.

Heavy purse

A dream about a very heavy purse suggests that you are overburdened, that the weight of life on your back is more than you can carry. You need to reject what is weighing you down. You can’t take care of everything, you can’t control everything. Rest, think about yourself, what you should do and what you can do. Concentrate on one goal to be happy and to be able to achieve it.

New purse

The meaning of the dream is that some news is on its way. If you have legal problems, they will be resolved in your favor. Dreaming of a new handbag also means that your energy will be renewed. You are on the right track for growth.

The dream means that you will soon find new opportunities on your path which will bring a very positive result. However, you must learn to accept the new and the unknown. This change will be fundamental to your personal development.

Large purse

The dream means that you either have great potential or that you need to acquire or use the skills and qualities you need at the moment. If you are lacking in any skill – learn and improve.

Small purse

A dream about a small purse means that you need to acquire new skills that are important at this point in your life. The dreamer suggests that it will be necessary to be patient and accept what you cannot change, relativizing the situation.

Old purse

The meaning of the dream about an old purse can be a reflection of the past that you miss. You are paying too much attention to what was. It’s time to look at the present and focus on the future.


The dream represents a desire to relive a moment from the past. The dreamer reminds you that closing yourself off to the present will not bring back the past.

Even if what you experienced yesterday was good, you will always move forward, and now you must focus on the future.

Torn purse

When faced with difficulties, we often give up and release all the emotions we have been holding in. Dreaming of a torn purse draws your attention to these problems; it is time to solve them, for you will no longer be able to bear the weight and pressure.

Dirty bag

Dreaming of a dirty bag is a sign that you are anxious and confused. Try to clear your mind and find someone you trust, someone you can talk to. A friend can help you to solve the problem.

The dream represents your dissatisfaction with something that has not gone according to plan. It is time to rethink your actions. The dreamer is suggesting that you change your attitude. A positive attitude attracts energies that promote good changes and transformations.

Closed purse

A dream about a closed purse means that people are hiding something from you. Listen to your intuition. Act with caution and do not try to get information by force.

Open purse

A dream about an open purse is a sign of discovering something unusual. Try to remember what objects you saw in your dream in your purse. You may be surprised by what you discover.

Purse with gifts

The dreamer advises: “Beware of false friends. You must stop trusting anyone who praises you or shows interest in you. Analyze well the behavior of others, who is really your friend? Those who pretend to be have their own agenda that can hurt you.


Money in the purse (purse full of money)

Dreaming that your purse is full of money represents all the secrets you are trying to keep to yourself. You feel overwhelmed with so much information. Although this is a sign that you are perceived as an honest and trustworthy person, you often feel that carrying so many secrets is a burden you can no longer bear. It’s time to unload some of this baggage.

The dream also means that you have, or are about to gain, knowledge that will bring you great success and happiness. You may encounter difficulties along the way, but you will still reach your dream destination.
If there are foreign currencies or cryptocurrencies in your wallet, your life will be modern, on a high level. Foreign currency is a symbol of working abroad or working with people from other countries.

Coins in a handbag (a bag full of coins)

Coins represent your personal financial resources. Dreaming of a bag full of coins means worrying about money. The meaning of the dream can also be a harbinger of additional money. If there were old coins in the bag, you will renew or implement an old plan.

If the dream situation involves discomfort, the dreamer is advised to look for ideas on how to get out of the situation rather than despair. If the situation is one of joy, all indications are that a great surprise is in store for you.

Documents in a purse

Documents are symbols of administrative matters, issues related to work, law, inheritance. The dream indicates concern about these matters or the announcement of good news in this area.

If the dream is associated with anxiety, it means that the situation worries you a lot.

If the situation is associated with joy or peace, it indicates that you are about to face the resolution of problems.

Documents are a symbol of your personal identity, of who you are. So if you dream of a wallet with your own documents, it means that you need to “bring out” your true self from hiding in order to live a happy life.


If the documents are not yours or cannot be identified, the dream means that you need to understand the situation better, analyze something, look at people or events better.

Clothes in a handbag (a handbag full of clothes).

Clothes symbolize personality, it has to do with behavior, attitudes, the way you act and react to situations. The dream means that you need to be aware of these issues, especially at this time in your life.

If the dream is associated with feeling negative emotions, the dreamer recommends that you look for a solution, which will certainly involve changing some attitudes.

Land in a handbag

Land symbolizes the connection to the planet, the roots, the past. The dreamer suggests that you connect more with nature, seek more contact with natural places. Go to the mountains, the forest or the beach. Take your loved ones with you and you will feel much healthier and happier.

Sweets (candies, chocolates) in a bag (a bag full of sweets)

Candy represents positive skills and qualities. A dream about a bag full of sweets means you are ready to enjoy them. It’s time to start or resume life projects, as they will bring you a lot of happiness.

If there are children in your dream, you should focus more on the simple things in life. If you gave sweets from a bag to someone the dream indicates that you will help many people.

Garbage in a handbag (a bag full of garbage).

You need to let go of something that has served you in the past but no longer makes sense. You must make room for the new. Get ready for the moment of change.

Snake in the handbag

The snake is a symbol of that which is insidious, that which appears without warning and without our knowledge, as well as medicine, the energy that flows through us. According to the dreamer, such a dream can indicate an insidious threat to mental health. You should double your attention in situations of stress and irritation.


To buy a handbag

This dream indicates the need to acquire new skills. It symbolizes “making room” for new life experiences. It can refer to any area of life.

To hit someone with a handbag

The dream explains that you should use your skills so that the other person’s mistakes do not hurt you. This can include jealousy, betrayal, or defamation. Be alert and act reasonably.

Searching for something in your purse

If you dream of looking for something in your purse, it means that you are expecting a reward for your efforts. Especially if you have worked hard in the last few days and are hoping for a promotion. The dream announces that the moment is near.

A purse falling to the ground

Your qualities and abilities are diminishing. The situation requires a positive attitude on your part, special care for appropriate behavior and conduct.
If the purse is damaged by the fall or something makes it difficult to pick it up, it means that you need to put more effort into the situation.

Kicking the purse

If you kicked the purse yourself, it means that you are capable of solving a problem on your own. If someone else does it, the dream means that you need outside help, which can be provided by a friend, doctor, co-worker, family member.

Losing a purse

A dream about a lost purse is associated with a sense of loss of emotional control. When this happens, we often behave roughly and unintentionally hurt loved ones, so the dreamer warns you to stop for a moment and think about your actions. Don’t forget to apologize if you’ve done something wrong.

The dream can also mean that you should not be afraid of the changes that may take place in your life.

Stealing a purse

A dream about a stolen purse means that something personal and dear to you will be taken away. It could be an object, a friend, or a secret that you have carefully guarded. To avoid a sense of loss, you must be wary of people around you who say they want the best for you, but their true intentions are hidden.


Types of handbags

Children’s purse

The dream foretells an important event in your life, it can be the birth of a child, but also something new that you have not dealt with before. It will bring you a lot of joy.

Leather handbag

A dream about a leather handbag indicates that you will be lucky in business or in love. Changes are coming and they will be good for you.

The new job or promotion you have been waiting for will finally happen. You must believe in your potential. Always do your best in your duties and look for alternatives as solutions to obstacles you encounter along the way.

Travel handbag (suitcase, backpack)

The dream meaning predicts that there will be big changes in your life. This may be the perfect time to go out into the world and discover yourself. Only take what is positive with you.

Thermal handbag

The dream meaning encourages you to strengthen your family and friendships. Think about your relationship with your partner. You may want to give them more attention and time.

Denim bag

The dream encourages you to trust your intuition. Try to listen to yourself more and trust yourself more.

Handbag colors

Black handbag

A dream about a black handbag means that you have received some kind of rebuke from someone you trust and you feel censored, rejected, socially excluded. If someone has a black handbag – be careful, because this person may be dishonest with you.

Red purse

The dream of a red handbag is directly related to intense feelings such as passion and desire, but also to sensuality and pleasure and desires that may be suppressed, or to your vanity and pride. Take care of yourself, appreciate yourself, show yourself to the world, fulfill your dreams and be proud of your achievements. And above all, love yourself. It’s time for you to fulfill your desires and seek more joy in your life.


Yellow purse

Yellow is the color that represents the sun, summer. So the dream heralds a very good time in your life. Try to be active, take care of your health and well-being. You will gain energy for action.

Blue purse

Blue is a color that represents conscious living, so a dream about a blue handbag is a signal to think about life: How is your physical and mental health? How are your finances? What can you do to improve them?

White handbag

White is the color of spirituality and purity. So the dream is an encouragement to explore spirituality and to follow your chosen path. Improve yourself and deepen your knowledge.

Brown purse

Brown is the color that symbolizes the earth, so a dream about a brown bag means that you should “stand more firmly on the ground”, concentrate more on your work, be systematic – this is the way to success. Get rid of the habit of procrastinating, of not finishing projects or activities.

Silver purse

Silver is the color of the moon, a symbol of femininity. A dream about a silver purse means that you should focus on improving your skills and qualities related to sensitivity, kindness, understanding. Remember the example of a mother who protects and can be firm and kind at the same time.

Pink purse

Pink is the color of sensitivity, tenderness – the dreamer suggests that you focus on these qualities, which will greatly improve the quality of your life and contacts with other people. Don’t be afraid to show your feelings and emotions to others.

Purple purse

Purple is the color of spirituality and indicates introspection. A dream about a purple wallet is an invitation to “dive into yourself” to understand what your skills and qualities are, what drives your actions, what you strive for and what you need. Get to know yourself – that is the message of your dream.

Colorful purse

The meaning of the dream suggests that you should reflect on your life. You probably feel that something is missing in it, maybe you feel tired or exhausted? Or maybe you would like to change something? This reflection will benefit you in many ways. Determine what you need and pursue your goals.


Dream meaning: Handbag

  • Carry a handbag – consider what is happening in your life
  • A lot of handbags – pay attention to what you own and manage it well
  • Someone else’s (someone else’s) purse – someone else’s emotions affect you a lot
  • Full purse – you are overloaded with responsibilities and problems
  • Empty purse – you are open to what life brings
  • Heavy purse – you are overloaded, reject what does not concern you
  • New handbag – new opportunities will arise
  • Large purse – you have great potential, learn and improve yourself
  • Small purse – you need to acquire new skills
  • Old handbag – focus on the future
  • Torn handbag – solve problems, do not give up
  • Dirty purse – change your attitude
  • Closed purse – people are hiding something from you
  • Open purse – you will discover something unusual
  • Handbag with gifts – beware of false friends
  • Money in purse (purse full of money) – you are overwhelmed with secrets
  • Coins in purse (bag full of coins) – you are worried about finances
  • Documents in your purse – show your true self
  • Clothes in your purse (a bag full of clothes) – look at your attitudes and reactions to situations
  • Land in your purse – look for contact with nature
  • Sweets (candies, chocolates) in your purse (a bag full of sweets) – start new projects
  • Garbage in a bag (a bag full of garbage) – get ready for changes
  • Snake in your purse – take care of your mental health
  • Buy a purse – you want to gain new experiences
  • Hit someone with a purse – someone else’s mistakes can harm you
  • Looking for something in your purse – you expect to be rewarded for your efforts
  • A purse falling on the floor – behave accordingly
  • Kick your purse – you may need someone’s help
  • Lose your purse – you lose control of your emotions
  • Stealing a purse – you may lose something valuable
  • Children’s handbag – an important event will occur in your life
  • Leather handbag – good changes are coming
  • Travel handbag (suitcase, backpack) – discover the real you
  • Thermal handbag – strengthen family and friendship relationships
  • Denim handbag – trust your own intuition
  • Black handbag – feel rejected, excluded
  • Red handbag – appreciate yourself, make your dreams come true
  • Yellow handbag – take care of your health and well-being
  • Blue handbag – improve your life for the better
  • White handbag – improve yourself and deepen your knowledge
  • Brown handbag – tread more firmly “on the ground”
  • Silver purse – focus on improving your skills
  • Pink handbag – be more sensitive, show affection
  • Purple handbag – get to know yourself
  • Colorful handbag – identify what you need and pursue your goals

Mystic dream meaning – handbag

If you dream that you are buying a handbag, it means that your physical appearance is very important to you when you are awake, and that you focus on it much more than on spiritual matters.

The meaning of the dream of a handbag

If you are looking for something in your handbag, it is a signal from your subconscious that you should get your life in order, because the chaos that currently exists in it is preventing you from having a good orientation in your affairs.

If you dream that you have lost your wallet and can’t find it, it foretells that you will soon find yourself in a very difficult situation.

If you find your lost wallet in your dream, it foretells a pleasant surprise for you.

dream handbagAssociation: – female, – now and then also sexual identity, – security. Question: – What do I stick to? Which part of myself do I appreciate?


A typical women’s dream and a symbol for ‘female possession’ – the kind to keep something for himself ” and not to everybody to present. Many psychological interpretations see a female sexual symbol in the handbag. She often contains the stock to female Cupid, because the contents are mostly very individual and show something intimate. One also follows how much money one finds in whether one must pay or whether it is closed.



  • carry: you will suffer a loss.
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