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dream halterIf the dreaming penetrates into new areas of the growth, it is necessary every now and then that the right way is shown him. The halter is the symbol for the Hinf├╝hrung to new creativity in this connection. Halter (mostly in a horse) stands for self-restraint and self-control with which one reins feelings, desires and other mental needs, – then maybe one should learn to be more spontaneous again. However, the symbol can sometimes also warn about the loss of respect. With a halter the movements of the head are ordinarily adjusted, hence, the vision suggests that the dreaming values the control by the mind higher than the free river of creative energy. He does not concede the freedom to himself to make the best from his abilities. The halter in the dream symbolises to the dreaming imposed restrictions which can sometimes be also absolutely satisfactory restrictions.


At this level the dreaming must get clarity about whether to him in spiritual regard a halter was put on and he was stretched before a foreign carriage.




  • you will be taken on a trip, – also: the time presses, a good something is to be undertaken.

(European ones).:

  • see: one will go on a trip,
  • to a young horse a halter put in: lets on the fact hope that in commercial problems and dear problems everything runs by wish,
  • other things haltered see: one will have to wait for his luck still for a while,
  • another person takes away

  • from one the halter: one will be ‘taken the halter off’ by this.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Halter

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