When we use or hold a gun in our hands, there is always a risk of violence, aggression, and oppression, so a dream about a gun can indicate possible problems in professional life, It can also inform about arguments in the family and breakups.

Dreambook gun

If you dream about a gun try not to be at the center of an argument, pay attention to your work, and fulfill your obligations to the best of your ability, so as not to fall victim to a false accusation.


Dreams about guns can symbolize escape from obligations, resistance, and rebellion against change. Weapons are associated with your aggressive side, they are objects that can hurt loved ones.

The meaning of the dream about a gun also symbolizes the desire to achieve something that is far, beyond your reach.

Dream meaning of a gun

To see a gun

To see a gun in a dream means that you need to be aware of possible slander at work. Dreambook advises: watch out for co-workers and do not get into disputes, do not gossip. Be careful and attentive when you are working, so as not to be wrongly accused of a mistake.

To buy a gun

If you bought a gun in your dream Dreambook recommends: act and leave the past behind if you want to overcome adversity.

Dreaming about buying a gun means that you are still stuck in the past, making it impossible to achieve your goals. Cut yourself off from what was.

To hold a gun

The dream is a sign that you do not want to get directly involved in a challenge or conflict, but you are ready to defend yourself with all your might because you do not feel responsible for an event. In such a situation, it is best to look for opportunities for dialogue and not get carried away by emotions that could cause more serious damage. So the dream that you are holding a gun shows your ability to defend yourself against people who want to do you harm. Be careful, because you can hurt people.


To point a gun

A dream about a gun pointed at you may mean that you are struggling with some obstacle in your personal or professional life. If you are a person who defends himself against gunshots, your reaction in the dream shows the resistance you have to face in real life.

To shoot a gun

If in your dream you shot a gun for sport, the dream signifies a feeling that will restrict you. However, if you used a gun for purposes that are not noble, moments of sadness lie ahead.

Feelings connecting dreams with guns can be associated with anger, protection, imposition, and power over others. If in a dream you use a gun and fire a clear shot, it signifies a sense of confidence and strength. But be careful, shots can hurt someone.

Dreaming that you fired a gun may indicate that someone is irritated with you and can bring you out of balance, whether at work or in your personal life. Try to prevent unpleasant situations. Focus on yourself and your goals. Avoid arguments, but don’t let them take over.

To shoot someone

The meaning of the dream refers to something harmful that may happen in your professional life. If you dream that you killed someone by shooting a gun, analyze who in the dream was killed. If it is a stranger, the dream is related to the way you treat a co-worker. Try to be nicer and more patient, as this is the only way to get along with people. If the person you killed in the dream is from your family, you should pay more attention to your relatives and friends for whom you have no time.

To be shot (wounded)

If in your dream someone shoots you, it is a sign that you need to prepare for difficulties at work, because there is someone who is plotting against you. Perform your obligations well so that no one can accuse you of anything.

Black gun

Dreambook explains that such a dream can mean that your struggle and dedication at work will pay off, as you will soon receive a higher salary. Fighting for your goals brings results.

Golden gun

The dream shows that you will have to retrain or motivate some person at work. This person does not pay enough attention to his work and his competence, it is up to you to get him and together with him or thanks to him, you will achieve success.


Old gun (antique gun)

An old gun in a dream shows that you manage to dominate your instincts and emotions so that you act more rationally. This is good because it will be important for your professional development.

Dream meaning: gun

  • To see a gun – watch out for co-workers and do not get into disputes
  • To buy a gun – leave the past behind you
  • To hold a gun – you are ready to defend yourself
  • To aim with a gun – you are struggling with some obstacles
  • To shoot a gun – you have a sense of confidence and strength
  • To shoot someone – you get along better with people
  • To be shot (wounded) – someone at work is plotting against you
  • Black gun – you will soon receive higher earnings
  • Golden gun – you need to retrain or motivate a co-worker
  • Old gun (antique gun) – you are able to control your emotions

Mystic Dreambook – the meaning of the dream gun

This symbol may foretell that you will soon experience some unpleasantness or meet some misfortune.

  • If you see a gun in your dream, it is a sign that your environment in the near future will be hostile to you and you may have a quarrel with someone.
  • If you shoot a gun, it is a signal that in waking life you have an opponent in some area who is too weak or cowardly to bring about a confrontation with you, thus trying to destroy you through detraction and throwing secret accusations at you.
  • When you dream that you pointed a gun against someone, but missed the shot, it means that in waking life you are quite defenseless against the adversities you face and cannot protect yourself from them in any way.
  • When in a dream you see someone aiming a gun at you, it is a signal that soon your lies about something will see the light of day.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Guns

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