dream guestThe analysis of the dreams in which one had guests closely hangs together with the feelings concerning these guests. Was one called his guests with open arms welcome, or did one take up them only with reluctance because they gave to anyhow fear? Did they cross the door threshold? A welcome guest maybe shows the beginning of an important new project which one finances, – the dream shows own readiness to take up the employment on it now. The unwelcome guest is somebody or something which one does not want to face up. If one has decided what the dream company really shows, one should consider whether one should not take over this undesirable responsibility, nevertheless. Maybe help a soon other dream.


Guest is often interpreted in the similar sense like stranger. Were you yourselves invited? Then you search or need more allowance and attention. Their social contacts might be reduced to a necessary minimum. Who dreams himself in the role of the host, has (currently maybe suppressed) need to look after others, but to shine also by own generosity. One wants to ‘be used’ to get for it attention and affection. However, maybe he also appears because one really expects guests and deals with the preparations, or he points out to the fact that one should not isolate himself so strongly from others. A frequent dream of phases of the (involuntary) seclusion or isolation.




  • invite: Slanderers will try to annoy you,
  • comes: a happy message is on the road to you,
  • conceive: one will soon make a new acquaintance,
  • accommodate one: watch out for disappointments,
  • many in own house: one will quarrel with a woman who was very important or is still of great importance,
  • be: unsuspected expenditures or harsh disappointments approach,
  • goes: you have won a friend for life.


  • experience you to itself in the dream as a host, your social position makes amends. To be a bad host or the guest, says that difficult times approach. At the same time you should watch out for wrong friends, because you want to use some people in your surroundings. Quite in general you are well-advised if you pay attention more to your surroundings and your respect with some people. (Child)

(European ones).:

  • one feels lonesome and separate by his friends, – one should go away once,
  • or guests conceive: indicates an expected visit,
  • unexpected guests: if means luck,
  • allow to spend the night: Good turns agree,
  • even one be: big expenditures,
  • dismiss: Separation of a dear object.


  • in the house: Hatred pursues you, – hostility,
  • threatens you

  • be: watch out for big expenditures,
  • guests dismiss: you will soon receive a visit.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Guest

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