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dream grottoThe grotto is, particularly if is in her one spring, in the mythology of many people a holy place. It was consecrated to the goddess nature and became exclusive from female beings which nymph inhabits. In many fairy tales the grotto seems as a magic place. In the dream the grotto is a tip to the old-female what to themselves from the fact that grottos are humid in her inside mossy and dark and thus as a picture for the uterus are understood, allows to found.


The archetypal picture which can point to problems in the living together. Deep-psychologically one interprets them as the feeling layer of the soul, – the warning can be connected with it before violent, all consuming feelings and passions. Sometimes she also registers that one takes over not enough own responsibility or inclines to creep away in himself. If in the dream grotto a spring arises, concludes by a renewal of the life juices, however, can be a matter also as a tip of returning to a natural life. Grotto (cave) can stand for sexual needs and is compared by many dream researchers with the female gender organ.




  • see or stay in it: one is put out to menacing danger, – you will hard find a way out.

(European ones).:

  • announces a pleasure trip with a small love affair, – also: symbolises unsteady friendship, – the loss of comfortable abundance will make obviously poverty intolerable, – also: The warning if one becomes disloyal now to his partner one risks this respect,
  • are transported in one: if means a dangerous trip.


  • (see themselves in a grotto): you will receive a clarification.

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