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dream frostFrost is interpreted in the same sense like ice and freezing, besides, mostly it is about feelings. Fear of incommodities torments the dreaming. He is afraid of exclusion of his feelings. But also purely physical reasons can be given, about one beginning cold.



  • It is a danger in the suit, undertake nothing and is careful, then you have no damage.
  • suffer: Poverty and food worries,
  • frost damage: Loss of the property and inhibitions in the love.


  • This dream sign shows a request to think over his setting to the life and to the future anew. The dreaming spends too much time to think about the past and is of full fears and uncertainties what concerns the future. (Man



(European ones).:

  • unfull tendons, thwarted hopes, linked with fights, annoyance and quarrel, – rereconciliation with friends, – bad omen for occupation and love,
  • get dark in, murky morning: if exile announces in a foreign country, – nevertheless, the trip will end in the peace,
  • frost on a solar-lighted region: stands for joys to which one does not think back in the later life with pleasure, – thanks to own exemplary behaviour the circle of friends forgets the past escapades, nevertheless, again,
  • a friend during the frost: stands for a dear affair in which your rival is hit,
  • this dream the absence of her lover and danger means

  • for a young woman by his dwindling affection.


  • disagreeable experiences with business partners.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Frost

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