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dream foreignAssociation: – Far away, – strange, – exotic. Question: – What bores me in my life? (2.) association: – penetrate Even into unknown empires. (2.) question: – What is I to be explored in myself ready?


In the centre stands the need to escape from a situation. If a dream trades of the fact that one is abroad or wants to go abroad, this opens for the dreaming the enlargement of his horizon or for the necessary changes which he must get going in his life. Such dreams act from personal freedom or from the ability to move freely in his universe. Maybe the dreaming is broken open to new shores. His mind is released to position himself to new experiences. Often he notices only by dreams what he has learnt and which duties stand in a queue as the next. However, they can sometimes mean that the dreaming with a situation new for him or changed living conditions, duties or interests feels confronted and often draw the attention to the fact that one still feels unsafe in the new situation and should make himself with her only better close, before one makes decisions. Also the intention to investigate more exactly the unknown unconscious will produce this symbol under circumstances. The need for more security can also express itself in this manner. Maps or dreams of foreign countries, people and customs are either quite simple recollections or a sign for wanderlust. For the interpretation of the dream it is important whether the dreaming feels fine or feels the situation as disagreeable. Difficulties with the notification or search for certain places point to uncertainty and fear. If the dreaming feels fine in his dream foreign countries, nevertheless, this is called that new experiences are felt as attractive.



At the spiritual level is abroad is or go a tip to new spiritual experiences.



  • travel there: one will hear news.

(European ones).:

  • see: a professional change is likely,
  • travel in the same: a big change approaches,
  • in the same be: Longing for stable relations, – one is not familiar with a matter yet properly,
  • foreigners see: luck-promising for dear affairs,
  • a foreigner be: Friendship and love.

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