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A dream about a flea is an annoying problem that must not be taken lightly in life. It is a harbinger of disputes, angry behavior or other types of unpleasantness.

Fleas : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

see a flea – a dream reflects internal irritation and anger directed at a loved one


have fleas – sleep indicates health negligence, usually it should be taken as a warning against someone’s attack

have fleas in your home – you suffer from excessive pedantism, you constantly worry about the cleanliness of your household unnecessarily

seeing someone’s flea bite – false friends will preach malicious gossip about you

be bitten by fleas – you will accumulate a considerable fortune in a short period of time

scratch because of fleas – someone will tell you a few unpleasant words that will remain in your memory

jumping flea – only through reasonable and methodical action you will manage to get out of the hopeless situation in which you are now


catch fleas – you are on your way to reorganize your life

catch or kill – you will manage to significantly increase your savings

to keep fleas in a jar – it’s about time to end an old feud

flea circus – sleep warns you to get rid of excessive naivety and not to fall under delusions

fleas on your dog – you will be very irritated with the lack of self-confidence and lack of control over your own life

fleas on a cat – be careful, someone will want to limit your freedom.

What does it mean when you dream about Fleas?

dream about Fleas
Dream about Fleas

Dream interpretation: fleas. Anyone who has dealt with fleas at least once in their life knows well that not only to associate with them is unpleasant.

The appearance of these small insects within the reach of a human or other living creature requires a lot of steps to get rid of them effectively. But what if a flea shows up in our dreams? You will learn about the importance of a flea dream in our article.
Dream interpretation: fleas. How to read a dream about small, nasty and biting insects?


Flea – symbolism known for thousands of years

What does the dream about fleas mean? Fleas have always accompanied man, so it is not surprising that the interpretation of this type of dream can be found in dream books from the times of the Egyptians or Persians. So what is the symbolism of a flea in dreams?

As a rule, this type of dream may indicate unpleasant events that are to befall the dreaming person in the near future. Just seeing a flea in a dream can also mean that we will learn something unfavorable about people we have previously perceived as devoted and close.

This type of dream is a lot of information about the dreaming person, related mainly to his emotional state. When we dream about fleas, it is worth taking care of our emotions and good mental condition, otherwise we can expect quarrels and tensions that will largely disturb our reality. A biting flea in a dream is – contrary to appearances – a good omen.

A large inflow of cash, which we can expect in the near future, will certainly compensate us for sleep unpleasantness.


Fleas – dream book. What does the dream book say about their general meaning?

Fleas are insects that the mere thought of causes unpleasant associations in us. Does dreaming about them always mean negative emotions?

Fleas in our dreams may have a lot in common with emotions, because it turns out that people who dream often about these insects tend to be nervous and often get angry. One might venture to say that there is nothing surprising in this, after all, we would like to rest while sleeping and dream only of pleasures.

Dreams, however, can often be a significant clue for us, so it is worth looking at them depending on the context in which they occur. In general, according to the dream book, fleas are a warning, thanks to which we will be able to avoid many unpleasantness. Often it is also a symbol of the strength dormant in us, thanks to which we can overcome the accumulating difficulties.

Dream interpretation: flea on a dog.

What does a dog with fleas mean in a dream?
When we think about fleas, we associate them with animals much more often than with humans. So what does a flea on a dog mean in the dream book? It turns out that the dream about a dog and fleas is a kind of warning for us against negative events.


After such a dream occurs, careful and prudent behavior can protect us from the unpleasant consequences of potential actions. Therefore, it is worth keeping your eyes open and listening more carefully to the things that are happening around you. However, there is also a slightly different interpretation of this type of dream, namely: unpleasant events do not necessarily have to be about a person who dreams of fleas on a dog – it could mean unpleasantness for those close to them. These, on the other hand, will certainly need comfort and closeness. It is therefore worth paying attention to relationships with others and being open to their needs.

Dream interpretation – flea on a cat.

What does a dream about fleas on a cat mean?
Dreaming of fleas on a cat in most dream books means a kind of warning against betrayal. However, there is no unambiguous interpretation whether a dream where we see a cat with fleas relates to an event that is to take place in the near future.

Often times, a person who dreams of this type of dream cannot come to terms with the betrayal of the past, and therefore subconsciously fears this type of event.

Therefore, it is worth – after this type of dream – to look at your relationship with your partner, you may need to work on the relationship, deepen the relationship or a slightly more difficult, but very necessary, process of forgiving yourself or a loved one.

A dream about lice and fleas. The meaning of dreams

When thinking about the interpretation of the dream of lice and fleas, it is necessary to take into account the thoughts that accompanied the dreaming person recently.

It turns out that such insects in our dreams indicate bothering projections in the dreamer’s head. Excessive thinking can be harmful, and according to the dream book, a dream about lice will definitely prove it.

Low self-esteem, guilt, remorse or lack of satisfaction with our own life are issues that can often make our lives difficult. Working on yourself is the perfect solution. Also, pubic fleas in the dream book mean an overly emotional approach to life, hence nervousness, frustration and unnecessary disputes, and consequently diseases or lack of connections.

dream fleas


To dream of fleas, indicates that you will be provoked to anger and retaliation by the evil machinations of those close to you.

For a woman to dream that fleas bite her, foretells that she will be slandered by pretended friends. To see fleas on her lover, denotes inconstancy.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Fleas

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