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dream fireworksFireworks underline as a rule as a desire dream a happy occasion, but it can also generate fear. If a dream of fireworks acts, the dreaming hopes to be able to celebrate his luck or that of another person. It is worth as a symbol for spraying enthusiasm ability – and for an intensive orgasm experience, or for the longing for it. Fireworks can also have the same meaning like an explosion. Releasing of energy or an emotion has every now and then a rather spectacular effect on the dreaming or on the people in his surroundings. As a spectator to have a look at fireworks from sure distance often symbolises that one is deceived easily towards outward appearances and is disappointed or tries himself to be deceptive other by the external light. If one lights it himself, one would like to present himself to his environment in the beaming light of the success and tries to put new highlights in the life what he also manages mostly. More reality sense and honesty are the conclusions which one should draw from it.


At this level the fireworks are a tip for the fact that an excess rules in spiritual emotions which must be properly canalised, so that it does not shoot uncontrollably in all directions.




  • consider: happy relations, however, from short duration,
  • of others for organises: Warning before swindlers and before wrong light.

(European ones).:

  • sends a reminder to the care with dangerous enterprises, – warns further about deceptions, etc. you avoid pretenses transactions and speculations,
  • burn down themselves one: one will cause big sensation what passes, however, fast,
  • of A young woman with this dream interesting trips approach to distant places, as well as good entertainment.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Fireworks

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