A dream about nails means that you need to take a new direction in your life, and make changes.

Sometimes you will have to reject something completely, forget about something, sometimes you just need to change something, pay more attention to the little things


Dreambook nails


The dream draws attention to action. With the work of your own hands, you can achieve or change a lot. You now have the power and ability to act – do it and take every opportunity to improve your situation.

Fake nails

Dreambook predicts disputes and arguments that can drag on for a very long time, it is even possible that conflicts will find their finale in court. Try to behave reasonably.

Your situation will be unstable, and you may need the help of others.

Hybrid nails

The dream foretells wealth. You may suddenly receive some assets, such as an inheritance, or perhaps a promotion will result in a significant improvement in your living conditions. In any case, be prepared for an influx of cash.

Long nails

If your fingernails are nice and long, the dream may mean that you are a person able to manage your assets well and have many friends.

Another dream meaning predicts a long and happy life.


To paint your nails

The dream suggests that you will easily perform a task, and fulfill some agreement or obligations. The meaning of the dream can be read as information that you can easily handle different situations and know how to deal with problems.

Painted nails

When a dream shows you painted nails, it means that change involves adding something new and positive to your life. The dream predicts something special. It’s time to allow yourself to add color to your life, do something new, meet different people, experience, and discover a number of good assets that are around you and waiting to be discovered.

Red nails

Red nails seen in a dream can mean success, which you will reach after a lot of hardship.

Another dream meaning suggests that your needs in a relationship, primarily sexual needs, are not being met. Discuss this with your partner.

To file your nails with a nail file

Just because you’re in a worse mood doesn’t mean you have to get on the nerves of those around you. Stop growling at everyone, or you will suffer the consequences. You will also lose chances to build favorable friendships.


The dream shows the possibility of leaving the place where you are and going towards something new. Dreambook indicates that it is time for a change. Following the beaten path or doing things the same way may be comfortable, but soon it will not be enough.

Another dream meaning suggests fatigue and loss of vitality. You should rest and recuperate.

Large toenail

Dreaming about a large toenail means that there may be an important change in your life.


Dreambook warns you about the opportunities that are coming, be attentive to notice and take advantage of them. To change or not is your choice, however, having this dream indicates that it is something worth doing. If you allow yourself to change, you can bring a lot more happiness into your life than you can imagine.

Small toenail

When a dream shows you a small toenail, it means that something simple, and small can happen, but it will bring you great joy. You may have a chance to change something, but it will seem so insignificant that you will want to give it up. And this is a mistake! Dreambook indicates that even simple things can be enjoyed.

The dream seems to indicate that it is important for you to enjoy what appears in your life, even if it seems small. In time, from something small, something significant can arise that will be of great importance to you.

Dirty nails

The dream may signify difficult conversations with loved ones. You need to control your emotions and be patient. Dirty nails in a dream can also foretell trouble.

A dream about a dirty nail also means that it is time for a change, to take care of something that has been neglected for a while but is still important. This dream means that you stopped taking care of something important because of other problems.

Sick nails (black)

The meaning of the dream can be interpreted as a warning against false people around you. Beware of close associates and acquaintances who may hide their true intentions.

Falling nail (nails coming off, nails falling off).

Dreaming about a nail coming off means that your chance involves leaving something in the past that no longer makes sense.

Removing a nail that is coming off may hurt, but it is important that a new nail can grow in its place. In the same way, sometimes we have to let go of something that has been a part of our lives for a long time, and that is difficult. Whether it’s a habit, a relationship, or another important issue or relationship, sometimes it’s the best thing to do at the moment. Leaving behind what no longer makes sense will open up new opportunities and a new beginning for a more fruitful life.


When a dream shows you a nail falling off it means that there will be a change, no matter what you do, you need to prepare for it. It’s something that hurts, but you can’t control it because something has already happened and you have to deal with the pain until a new nail grows back. Dreambook says that there is no way to avoid an event that will be considered bad, but learn to find ways to deal with it. Something will happen and you will have to live with something new.

Ingrown nail

The meaning of the dream about an ingrown nail symbolizes that you need to change something because something is working very badly and does not tend to improve.

An ingrown nail is something that causes a lot of discomfort. This dream means that you are going through a difficult phase, but you don’t try to change anything because you believe that things will soon improve on their own. However, the dream says that things will turn out differently than you want and that the discomfort will continue if you don’t do something about it.

Dreambook suggests you seek help or do what you can to improve the situation.

Insisting on keeping things the way they are will not be good. If you allow yourself to change, you will notice good things happening around you.

Rotten nail

When a dream shows a rotten toenail, it means that something needs to be fixed or improved.

A rotten nail is not always damaged, it can be cured with the right remedies. However, you should be very careful that its condition does not worsen. In the same way, it is in your life, something very bad is happening, but it can improve if you do something about it. Continuing to leave everything without intervention can cause a lot of problems.

Pulling out of nails

The dream predicts some kind of danger. It may be related primarily to the material assets you own. It is worth insuring yourself and checking that everything in your home or car works as it should.


Summary of the meaning of the dream nails

  • Fingernails – act and take every opportunity to improve your situation
  • Fake nails – disputes and arguments can drag on for a very long time
  • Hybrid nails – get ready for an influx of cash
  • Long nails – a long and happy life awaits you
  • To paint your nails – you will easily perform some tasks, deal with problems
  • Painted nails – do something interesting, new
  • Red nails – you will come to success after many hardships
  • Toenails – it’s time to take a new path in life
  • Large toenail – there may be an important change in your life that will change plenty
  • Small toenail – pay attention to the little things
  • Dirty nails – control your emotions and be patient
  • Sick nails (black) – beware of fake people around you
  • Falling nail (nails coming off, nails falling off) – leave the past behind you
  • Ingrown nail – you need to change something because nothing will improve on its own
  • Rotten nail – act, correct, change – don’t leave things alone
  • Pulling out of nails – protect yourself from emergencies

Dreambook mystic – nails

  • If you dream that you are filing your nails, it is a prediction of boredom awaiting you in the near future.
  • When you dream that you break your nails a lot, it is a sign that in waking life you are afraid, perhaps only subconsciously, that your mental condition is in a bad state.

dream fingernails

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