A dream about a family means that something important is about to happen, and people with whom you have a good relationship will be fundamental in your life, or that someone new will appear in your life who will play a very important role.

Dreambook family

The dream heralds a phase of harmony and happiness in relationships, it also predicts positive changes, prosperity, happiness, good news, and great opportunities.


However, if something bad happens in the dream or if you feel bad, the meaning of the dream changes a lot, it can be a harbinger of conflicts, a sign of dissatisfaction in relationships, or your own insecurity.

Your own family

If you dream about your own family Dreambook foretells that a new love will appear in your life. A serious feeling will be born. If you already have a partner – a newly met person may cause you to end your current relationship. The dream may also indicate the return of a former partner and the rebirth of an old feeling.

If your dream made you feel bad, it is a sign of conflicts in your love life or an argument with a family member. Thus, watch your emotions and do not act without thinking about the consequences of your words and actions.

Acquainted family

The dream reveals that you are entering a new cycle of your life. Many opportunities are opening up for you in different areas of life. Dreambook advises: choosing a few opportunities and investing your time in them, as focus will help you get the best possible results.

Distant family

If in a dream you visited relatives the dream assures you that you will soon travel, perhaps permanently change your place of residence – move to another city or even country. If it was relatives who visited you the dream means that you will soon receive good news, which may be related primarily to finances.

Foreign family

If in your dream you saw another family it is a sign that you will meet someone who will be important in your life. In this case, it means a special friend who will make you feel as good and comfortable as when you are with your family. Dreambook recommends opening your heart and investing in this relationship.


Royal family

Dreambook warns that something may change your plans. Therefore, don’t make decisions that affect your future for the time being, such as vacations or big expenses. Be cautious and react to what is happening around you.

Boyfriend’s family

The dream may be a sign of uncertainty, especially if you don’t yet know your crush’s family.
Maybe you are afraid that you will be judged, judged. Therefore, you need to gain confidence. Remember that you have the right to be who you are and that changing to please other people will only bring suffering.
If the family in your dream was happy or celebrating something, it means that you are eating soon to receive an interesting proposal, which can be related to different spheres of your life, such as work, travel, and study.

Ex-boyfriend’s family

The meaning of the dream depends on what happened in the dream. If people quarreled or went through a difficult situation, the dream predicted conflicts or financial problems in the near future. It can also be a reflection of your feelings about these people. If you feel hurt, Dreambook suggests you simply walk away from those with whom you are not comfortable,

If your ex-boyfriend’s family was kind and the mood was cheerful, it is a sign of happiness and a sign that the family you are building or will build in the future will have strong ties and you will be very happy.

Husband’s (wife’s) family

The dream means that you have an extremely positive period ahead of you. Your career will develop, your finances will improve and your personal life will stabilize. Above all, you will realize yourself professionally, which will lead you to success.

Big family

Seeing or being with a large family is a harbinger of a very favorable stage of life, it is a sign of prosperity and happiness. Thus, if you are going through any trouble know that it will be over in no time.

Happy family

A dream about a happy family indicates that you will meet a person who will be very important in your life. He will help you overcome difficult moments. Hold on to this friendship, take care of it.

Family at the table

The dream is a call to start valuing yourself more and putting yourself first. This recommendation can apply to your situation in the family, but also in your professional life. You deserve respect and a proper place.


To start a family

Dreambook predicts that any day a new love will appear in your life. If you are already involved with someone this dream reveals that your relationship has a great chance to strengthen even more and be lasting as you desire.

If you are thinking of proposing in real life, the dream is an indication that the idea is worth fulfilling.
Another interpretation of this dream is that a positive change is about to take place. This transformation will completely change your life.

Birth of a child in the family

A new cycle in your life is about to begin. This phase may include nice surprises, good news, opportunities, and even the realization of old dreams.
This period will also bring internal changes and you will have to adapt to them fast. Don’t be afraid of this, go with the flow.

Family party

The meaning of the dream signals a period of great happiness in the family. You will feel a strong bond with your loved ones.
A family party in a dream also foreshadows a happy event, such as a wedding, the birth of a child, the purchase of property, etc. It will be a reason for much celebration and joy.

Argument in the family

The dream is a sign that things are not going well in some relationships. Perhaps you have noticed some disturbing signals or are trying to suppress your own feelings and avoid a painful conversation.
Either way, this dream warns you to act carefully in the coming weeks. If something is causing you discomfort, try to solve the problem. However, it is necessary to remain calm so as not to cause further suffering or new problems.
Maybe you are suspicious of your loved one or don’t feel comfortable with something she has done. Try to clarify the situation as fast as possible.

Conflicted family (separated family)

If there are arguments in your real family, Dreambook advises: try to calm the situation and put an end to conflicts.
If there is consensus in your family, the dream is a message that you should not forget to appreciate your family.

Reconciled family

A dream in which the family is reunited predicts a phase of happiness and achievement in your career and financial life. It also shows that you have worked hard in recent years to achieve your goals. Therefore, it is also important to relax a little and enjoy all that you have already achieved. You have the support of your family, so your affairs are heading in the right direction. Don’t forget your loved ones. Show those who have supported you your gratitude.

Crying family

This dream indicates that you and your family are going through a difficult time. Try to support your loved ones.
Another interpretation of this dream is that you will soon meet someone who has gone through something dramatic, or sad. Show him your support.


Death in the family

You have many doubts and uncertainties about the future. Therefore, you must give yourself the necessary time to think about what you are going to do next. Remember that much of what will happen in the future is the result of your actions. Thus, decide what you want and pause to create the life you want. Also, learn to trust yourself more and believe that everything is possible because of your efforts.
There are also situations you can’t control, thus getting some distance from the world. The dream also reveals your fear of losing someone close to you.

Another dream meaning indicates that you need more space and freedom. Maybe someone is making decisions for you, criticizing you, and making you feel bad. If this is the case, take better care of yourself, if necessary – don’t be afraid to impose restrictions.

To not have a family

The dream indicates that you will have problems related to inheritance. You may also be a participant in family conflicts and disagreements. Try to alleviate the situation and get involved in resolving disputes and helping loved ones.

A dream that you do not have a family is a sign of estrangement or breakup with one or even several family members.

Family photo

Such dreams can occur when you are far away from your family. Family photos capture happy and important moments, seeing them in your dream gives you a signal that you miss such moments. Thus, it’s time to visit loved ones or reestablish broken relationships.

Dream meaning: family

  • Your own family – a new love will appear in your life
  • Acquainted family – many opportunities will open up for you
  • Distant family – you will travel or change your place of residence
  • Foreign family – you will meet someone who will be important in your life
  • Royal family – something may change your plans
  • Boyfriend’s family – gain confidence
  • Ex-boyfriend’s family – conflicts may arise
  • Husband’s (wife’s) family – you will realize yourself professionally
  • Big family – you will start a new stage of life
  • Happy family – you will meet a person who will be very important in your life
  • Family at the table – put yourself first
  • To start a family – a new love will appear in your life
  • Birth of a child in the family – you have a chance to realize old dreams
  • Family event – a happy event ahead of you
  • Argument in the family – act carefully and resolve disputes in your relationship
  • Conflicted family (separated family) – appreciate your family
  • Reconciled family – relax and enjoy what you have already achieved
  • Crying family – try to support your loved ones
  • Death in the family – trust yourself more
  • To not have a family – get involved in resolving disputes
  • Family photo – you miss moments with loved ones

Mystic Dreambook – family

  • When you dream that you see or have a family, it is a harbinger of happiness for you, mainly when it comes to family life.
  • A happy family foretells that soon there will be some obstacles on your path that you will have to overcome, but all indications are that it will not be anything serious.
  • A conflicted family appears in your dream about a signal from your subconscious to start caring more about your loved ones and maintaining contact with them.
  • If you argue with your family in your dream, it is a signal from your subconscious that in waking life you do not care about your loved ones at all.
  • Playing with your family means that in waking life you need support from your family.
  • If you dream that you are eating at a family celebration, it is a signal for you to start appreciating your family more and finally realize that you can always count on your loved ones.

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