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dream fameFame mostly warns about vanity and validity urge which can stand with feeling of inferiority in connection.


Dreams of fame and public interest in own person is a sign of internal discontent, one wishes more attention, confirmation of own abilities and the recognition (professional and informal) of sphere.




  • harvest: your arrogance, your ambition and your Eingebildetheit becomes too big,
  • be famous: one should not reach for sighting which lie beyond own reach, – the greater the fame is, the aims are the further and it is the more incredibly to reach them,
  • see another known person famous: one will always be able to count on their help.


  • in the dream to be famous or to become is a serious hint not to reach for sighting which lie beyond own reach. The greater he longed (also) for fame, the aims are the further and the more incredibly is the possibility to reach them. The symbol wants to warn the person concerned about selfoverestimation, because he inclines presently to it. He would do well to see his social position and his other way more realistic and to act accordingly – and not to believe his own lies so easily. To dream of a famous person wants to say that unexpected help approaches. (Man

+ / woman +)

(European ones).:

  • the dream which should create balance for failures,
  • acquire: in a thing one will suffer a defeat,
  • be famous: brings disappointed hopes, – also: Some people in the surroundings do not credit the abilities and want to penetrate into the personal area of responsibility. One proves his competence.
  • famous people: point out to the fact that one will step in the public and take a place of honour,
  • see celebrate more different or celebrating: one will profit from the success of another.


  • acquire: you will deal with the authority.

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