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dream faceAssociation: – Identity, – ego, – self-image. Question: – How do I appear?

In general:

Face mostly represents the kind as one presents himself outwardly, and then is interpreted like facade. Older dream researchers also believed in the following interpretation possibility:

  • a pale face announces bad news, a fresh one gives free journey for the love,
  • a nice one promises joys, luck and success, an ugly suffering, worries and failure.
  • Who makes up the face in the dream, a weakness possibly wants to cover or has to cheat the intention and to be deceptive.
  • Expressionlessly numb faces often mean blocked or denied feelings and which one gives to himself differently than one is real. One disguises himself for others and shows to them only what is determined for them – just not the true face.
  • Who washes it, wants to whitewash itself possibly from a guilt.
  • he tries

  • When to himself the dreaming in his dream on the face of a person concentrated, to understand this person.
  • of different, indistinctly blurred faces to dream, can be understood as a tip that one is in search of own identity.
  • looked the dreaming his own face, so he maybe tries to come with the kind to the pure one as he expresses himself in the normal everyday life.
  • covering

  • Being the face in the dream, it stands for concealed forces or for the refusal to recognise own abilities.
  • a swollen face stands for bragging and disfigured for a flaw in the character from which we fear that other note him.


Mostly one can get to know about other people if one looks at her face. Hence, at the spiritual level a face in the dream can show the attempt to attain knowledge and information which is not to be got on other way. Also in the dream one can lose his face – a warning sign for the awake life that something got in our psyche in mess, maybe, nevertheless, also a tip to the fact that we should give priority to ourselves and to our achievement more and put a tread on us. The vision often holds to us a mirror before the face, so that we can read weaknesses of ours I from it.


At the spiritual level the face stands in the dream for the elementary forces.



  • see a nice one: soon receive pleasant news, – also: there wave luck and dear fulfilment,
  • see an ugly one: one will have in future all kinds of annoyance,
  • many rejecting ones see: one has to argue with own reverse and demoniacal impacts,
  • of a child: a successful time approaches,
  • protect: do not show how you feel.

(European ones).:

  • one must try to find the person to whom the face refers,
  • in the dream

  • of a friendly man see: promises incommodities,
  • of a friend: Luck and women’s favour,
  • nice see in the water: Symbol for a long, harmonious life,
  • pretty see in the mirror: your wishes will be fulfilled, – honour and love,
  • see a nice one: if means joy, – hopes come true,
  • one see with frank expression: if a happy future,
  • promises

  • luminous faces: point to unfinished things in the private like business area,
  • overjoyed and beaming faces see: if good,
  • promises

  • distorted or ugly ones see: Conflicts with other people bring worries with themselves,
  • see the strange and terrible: be surrounded by enemies and misfortune,
  • see a careworn one: Misfortune and disappointments approach,
  • own feel as careworn and anxious: Women’s stories can hinder to one in the reasonable conduct of business,
  • be see own: if misfortune promises, – with married separation threats are the result,
  • own see in the mirror: be discontented with itself because one cannot realise his rise plans, – which lose esteem of the friends because one takes too importantly,
  • be paint own: is to be looked as a good, success-bringing dream,
  • see a pale one: Portents of an illness in the surroundings or death news,
  • have a pretty one: Shops and enterprises go well, – hope will come true,
  • have an ugly one: a lot of grief and fights, – means worries,
  • a made up one: indicates at wrong friends,
  • wash to themselves the face: Remorse because of certain actions or thought,
  • with young people prophesies an ugly face disputes among lovers,
  • see the face of the lovers old: a separation approaches.

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