A dream about an elevator convinces you that it takes persistence and perseverance to achieve victory. It can also represent success or future problems, obstacles, challenges that you will have to face.

Dream meaning of elevator

The elevetor symbolises ups and downs. You may be trying to achieve a better position in life, but you must do it honestly.


A dream of an elevetor represents important changes. You must believe that these changes will have positive and important consequences in your life.

A dream about an elevator can also say something about your feelings.

What does a dream about a elevator mean?

Entering a elevator

If you get on a lift in your dream, when you wake up your success will depend on your perseverance and courage. If you have started something, finish it. Success is within your grasp.

Riding in a elevator

The dream means that you are going through a maturing process. You have the chance to see the mistakes in your behaviour and then you will feel more confident. Don’t be afraid of change. Seize the opportunity.

Riding in an elevator with someone

Dreaming of riding in an elevator with someone means that you have someone important in your life and you can always count on them, just as they can count on you.

Another dream meaning is that someone needs your help. This could be a colleague or a neighbour. Even if you are not very close to this person, help them.


To be afraid to go into an elevetor (to be afraid to go into a lift).

The dream means that you have to face fears that prevent you from following paths full of opportunities that you should not miss. Meanwhile, fear prevents you from taking the next step.

If you are unable to deal with these traumas on your own, seek professional help.

If you dream that you are unwell in an elevator, you will have to deal with unpleasant events. However, if you are patient, you will overcome these difficulties in a short time.

The dream is also a sign that you need to take care of your health. If you do not take care of your physical condition, it can cause serious problems.

Getting off (leaving) the elevator

This dream symbolises negative feelings about everyday situations.

If you feel that things are not working out for you, that you are not attractive, that you cannot fulfil your dreams or that nothing is going your way, such a dream appears as a warning of a mistake you are making and you are also weakening yourself with your thoughts.

The dream can also signify a new beginning, such as after a difficult transition.

If you are getting off an elevator in your dream, beware of family problems. It’s better to recognise them in time and resolve them quickly. Show empathy and understanding, especially towards children or people who are older than you.


Falling into a elevator shaft

A dream in which you fall down a lift shaft indicates that you must be careful not to act rashly, as this can have unexpected consequences. Think twice before doing anything.

Crowded elevator (elevator full of people)

Dreaming of a crowded lift is a sign that you need to concentrate more to achieve your goals. The dream is telling you that you are running a little late and are missing opportunities for beneficial change. You need to be more organised and plan your activities.
A dream of a crowded elevator also indicates that you can make a lot of money in a short time. If you have a project in progress, you need to devote more time to it.

Empty elevator

The meaning of this dream is that you may suffer financial losses due to rash decisions. Try to limit your expenses. Control all financial matters very carefully.

Small elevator

To dream of a small elevator means that you feel suffocated, restricted, and anxious. To relieve this tension, you need to tell others about your feelings. Try to change the situation as soon as possible.

Big elevator

A dream about a large elevator is a sign that many interesting opportunities will arise. You will be able to choose some of them, but you will have to use them skillfully.

This will be a time of many discoveries, developments and good feelings.

Old elevator

A dream about an old elevator indicates that you are trying to escape from something that causes conflict. If there is something in your past that bothers you, forget it. What is past should not affect your present or hinder your future. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if your past is difficult to let go of.

The dream is a sign that you need to make changes. Make repairs, renovations in your life to make it satisfying again. Reflect on your behavior.


Luxury elevator

A dream about a luxury elevator indicates that you are working on a very interesting project, and this work will be a milestone in your professional life.
You will have a chance to earn more money and change a lot in your life.

Elevator in the basement

A dream about an elevator in the basement means that you are struggling with problems and this causes a bad mood. If you talk to someone, you will overcome them. You just have to be patient.

Elevator and stairs

You have moments of doubt. You are not sure if you are on the right path. Don’t let one moment ruin your plan. However, if you really want to change your life, you have the ability to do so. You just need to understand that there is a time for everything.

Elevator going up

A dream about an elevator going up is a good sign for the future, because it means that in a short time you will be able to improve your professional position, with a significant improvement in your financial life. The dream can also symbolize maturation, spiritual development, increased ability to analyze facts and make rational decisions.

If the elevator goes up in your dream, you can expect good news when you wake up. If you are living in a situation of great anxiety, uncertainty or isolation, the dream symbolizes escape and withdrawal.

Elevator going down

If the elevator in your dream is going down, it is a harbinger of future difficulties. If you can prepare for them today, save some money, do not get involved in conflicts, gain the sympathy and favor of others.
Elevator going up and down

This dream means that your life is very dynamic. Something in it is constantly changing, sometimes it is better, sometimes it is worse. But you should not worry about it. Do not neglect your affairs and take care of your well-being.

The dreamer also suggests that you should think more about the goal you want to achieve. Everyone should strive for something and go in a certain direction. Don’t try to do several things at once.


Falling elevator

A falling elevator in a dream indicates that you are unable to control your emotions and feelings, which can lead to mindless attitudes. When you lose control, that is, when you fall, you let yourself be carried away by your emotions and do not reckon with what can really happen and what the consequences will be. The dreamer advises you to keep your emotions under control and to think twice before you act.

The dream is a sign of your immature behavior. You don’t think before you act, and hurtful words hurt other people. Before you talk to someone, especially about a controversial subject, think carefully about how you say it.
The meaning of the dream also symbolizes frustration and conflict. The feeling of falling usually indicates a fear of losing security or control over something.

Get rid of this habit of wrong thinking and just do what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Elevator not stopping on floors

This dream indicates problems. You are entering a complicated period in which you will have to be very patient in order not to lose control of your emotions. Don’t give in to temptations and don’t look for easy solutions. Stand firm.

Departing (fleeing) elevator

The dream represents ups and downs, problems that arise and are quickly solved, and those that appear immediately afterwards, at the least expected moment. The dream is a picture of your life, the present moment. You may be constantly running after something or missing something, you may have many problems, but the dream shows you that they will pass quickly.

Elevator going very fast

The dream indicates that you need to improve more at work so that you are not left behind.

Another meaning of the dream is that you’re making mistakes in talking to people, and that’s where a lot of misunderstandings come from.

Dream Meaning: Elevator

To get into an elevator – to be persistent in the pursuit of your goals.
To ride in an elevator – not to be afraid of change
To be in an elevator with someone – someone needs your help
To be afraid to get on the elevator (afraid to ride the elevator) – overcome your fear
Getting off (leaving) the elevator – beware of family problems
Falling down the elevator shaft – don’t act rashly
Crowded elevator (elevator full of people) – concentrate and plan your actions
Empty elevator – take care of your finances
Small elevator – you feel suffocated, limited
Big elevator – many interesting opportunities will arise
Old elevator – you are trying to escape something, think about your behavior
Luxury elevator – a chance for big changes appears
Elevator in the basement – you face problems, but you will overcome them
Elevator and stairs – you have doubts, you do not know what to do
Elevator going up – you will improve your professional position
Elevator going down – difficulties may arise
Elevator going up and down – your life is very dynamic
Elevator going down – you are unable to control your emotions and feelings
Elevator not stopping on the floor – stand firmly on the floor
Elevator moving away (fleeing) – you are always chasing something or missing something.
Elevator going very fast – work on communication
Elevator stopped (suspended) – take care of your health
Elevator full of water – something unexpected may happen
Elevator with no ceiling – you are looking too far into the future
Demons in the elevator – be careful
Broken elevator – you are not in control of your emotions
Elevator operator – there are very jealous people around you
Hotel elevator – you will be able to achieve your goals
Glass elevator – take control of your life
Horizontal elevator – you are very afraid of something
Panoramic elevator (glass elevator) – a new stage in your life appears
Construction elevator – you see the future in dark colors


Mystic Dream Meaning – Elevator

In general, this symbol can mean that when you wake up you hope that someone will help you and make your life easier.

The meaning of the dream elevator

If you see an elevator in your dream, it means that you want to achieve success as soon as possible without putting any effort into it, but your subconscious gives you a sign that this is not possible.

If you dream that you are riding in an elevator, it foreshadows that you will find someone who will help you in misfortune, or at least comfort you.

If you dream of riding in an elevator, it foreshadows that you will bring help to those in need.

dream liftTo dream that you are being lifted means that you have managed to rise above the unpleasant circumstances in your waking life.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Elevator

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