Excrement dream dictionary


Excrement dream dictionary

Excrement – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Excrement delivery deals like everything in anal dreams seeming nothing with the stinking mass which our body eliminates. Excrement is to be interpreted above all, therefore, positively because he is growth-supporting as an agricultural fertilizer. Hence, in many cases the dream of the excrement is evaluated as a translation by money or as a character interpretation. Therefore, the elimination of excrements could become with generosity or ordinal sense circumscribed, the blockage analogously as a stinginess, Pedanterie, lust for power, but also as the fear of a loss (from money?) . Some psychoanalysts saw the delivery of excrement as a castration symbol. Freud believed, children who dream of it experience to a loss, – above all the excessive education of the toddler is to blame for it to the cleanliness, this is one of the roots of later neuroses and sexual inhibitions. Modern psychotherapists are of similar view, nevertheless, look more at a loss of love than given which was caused by überstrenge education.



  • Dreaming one, he lifts human excrement, he will earn money, but thereby lose his good name because the excrement, he smells in the dream found, badly.
  • showing

  • Having somebody his clothes with human excrement dirtily and itself with it before the people, he will make a mistake in the property more different, but be caught.
  • Eating of a human excrement, he will get the money of his enemy with deception and quarrel, – it is a cattle excrement, the profit becomes even bigger be lower, however, the wrong.
  • it is

  • made easier one, who wants he, on his latrine, he will make for his house issues. Since the latrine is the place where one spends himself.
  • Being the excrements drily, the issues slightly, if humid, will be bigger.
  • emptied to itself somebody on a foreign latrine, he will rush for a foreign person in expenses, – he simply makes on foreign earth, he will spend money on women and on a trip away from home.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he empties itself often under compulsions and pains, he will exhaust his Kronschatz of necessity for the salary of his troops, – an easy man will feel constrained to attack his money reserves, poor hunger and need suffer, – then all excrement, the people or animals retire, has meant and property of the person.
  • Giving of a blood or waters of itself, the damage will be even worse.
  • seeing the excrements like legumes from, the dreaming will become free of hardship.
  • eliminates somebody who is ill or is depressed, he will create stones, the evil from the neck, he is healthy, pointless servants chase away.
  • eliminates somebody a queue, he will throw out an enemy who lives under the same roof if tapeworms, house servants, namely so much, as he has eliminated worms, – a pauper becomes well-to-do because he has got rid of the pests.
  • Seeming it somebody, he gives nothing but to blood of itself, he will renounce from wealth and sins. If he rolls in the blood or he soils with it his clothes, he will sin again and collect wealth.
  • Dreaming one, he pushes into a pit completely dung and trips over it, he will be taken in by thieves and swindlers. If he falls headlong in the pit, he will be ruined by their intrigues.
  • Protected he only the pit and feels their bad smell, the rogues will straighten nothing, and he will have only short time his need.
  • see the own: one will escape from tiresome,
  • to foreign ones see: take before defamation of character in eight,
  • splash themselves with foreign excrement: defamations of character be paused,
  • go to it and dirty themselves the clothes: if death of a friend,
  • also, however, means sad chances, gloomy experiences, need and misery, sometimes

  • hineinfallen: an evil approaches,
  • hineintreten: big luck and monetary entrance,
  • in the shoes: small incommodities,
  • have in the hands: you will attain small advantages, – also: you are involved in a dishonourable thing.

(European ones).:

  • is valid as a portent of a profit, – means luck,
  • hineintreten: if wealth or conquered misery tells in,
  • hineinfallen: announces unexpected advantage.


  • hineinfallen: Inheritance comes to you to the house,
  • collect: Poverty and misery will be your guest.

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