Epidemic dream dictionary


Epidemic dream dictionary

Epidemic – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – general mess or illness. Question: – Which system stands in my opinion shortly before the breakdown?

In general:

In days of yore one believed, epidemics, as for example the plague, are the revenge of the angry gods, – and really most epidemics are caused by an ecological imbalance. If it is in the dream of the dreaming about an epidemic, this emphasises that in his inside a physical, emotional or mental imbalance rules. In the dream all epidemics point to something from what there is too much. Epidemic (epidemic) also points to an excessive materialist setting which ‘infects’ the whole life and endangers the internal harmony, – one must diminish this negative trend to find luck also outside from possession.



Epidemics in the dream refer to the old image that a person who does not obey the repayment of God hits. Hence, the dream of an epidemic shows that the dreaming must suffer because and if he does not hear on his internal voice.


At the spiritual level the epidemic in the dream shows an excessive sense of guilt of the dreaming.



  • pays attention to your health, – one should not be taken from the problems more different too much, – also: big property losses.


  • Again a warning sign: The monotony whether one is concerned in the dream even by an epidemic or not she says that a mental disturbance is given on account of physical uneasiness. They should pay attention to your health and put out your body no longer to excessive charges. (Man


(European ones).:

  • happy discoveries and rich marriage, – also: one lets the past rest and does not ride on old mistakes.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Epidemic

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