Emptiness dream dictionary


Emptiness dream dictionary

Emptiness – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – without contents, – unloading. Question: – What is away? Of what would like I to get rid?

In general:

In the dream to find out emptiness, refers to missing joy and enthusiasm. It can be that the dreaming suffers from feelings of the isolation. Maybe he also lacks something what he can keep to. Also unattainable expectations may play a role.



The big emptiness experienceable in the meditation is a symbol of especially strong energy in the eastern cultures. The emptiness appearing in the dream mostly has a similar meaning, however, can stand also allegorically for a loss. The dreaming looks for a possibility to come again to himself and to take his life again stronger in possession. If the dreaming is in an empty house or building, this means that he has overcome old settings and habits.


At the spiritual level the emptiness in the dream can symbolise the internal emptiness of the dreaming.



  • feel: you are reworked.

(European ones).:

  • try, from can empty to pour: unexpected profit is indicated,
  • an empty barrel means poverty.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Emptiness

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