Elbow dream dictionary


Elbow dream dictionary

Elbow – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Elbow permits the mobility of the arms with which one forms the life actively, gives at the same time, however, also firm hold. Therefore, he is understood often as a token for plans, ideas and hopes on a realistic basis which one should not pursue, however, strictly, but adapt to the respective circumstances. The other more courageous application can be demanded by the elbow because to defend itself the courage can have decreased.



  • you must defend yourself, then you succeed.

(European ones).:

  • positively: Signs of the mobility, – negatively: Warning of too much ‘elbow mentality’,
  • see: hard duties approach which will introduce a little,
  • hurting ones: Warning of difficulties,
  • intolerable pains and the use of the arm is not possible any more: Care in business matters,
  • this one favorable opportunity promises

  • Seeing a young woman of elbows, for a good marriage part. If the elbows have got dirty, it awards a chance to come under the bonnet.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Elbow

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