Eight dream dictionary


Eight dream dictionary

Eight – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Eternity, – fullness, – cosmic consciousness. Question: – What is I to be received ready?


Death and rebirth, change and conversion of the personality in the spiritual-mental and physical sense. Eight is an entirety symbol and points in the dream to completeness. Thus, for example, the scale has eight tones as an octave and in the Indian religion one speaks of the eightfold way Buddhas. Only once in a blue moon she means that there are no more other possibilities. This number often has the sense from ‘pay attention’, from ‘attention’ what can be laid out, nevertheless, usually positively. She shows right and justice, cause and effect. The horizontally laid ‘8’ is the sign of the infinity, the overcoming of the death.



(European ones).:

  • get so much like in Eight and spell: Power, advantage, victory.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Eight

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