Earthquake dream dictionary


Earthquake dream dictionary

Earthquake – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Vibration of the soul, – change at deeper levels. Question: – Which part by me is roused?


Earthquakes belong to the stupefying old experiences of the humanity. The earth is strongly shaken by the earthquake. In the dream the earthquake means that the soul was strongly shaken and often shows the impression of the dreaming which is his world in turmoil. The dream can reveal fears of instability or the worry that the life foundation of the dreaming is in danger. It draws the attention to the internal insecurity with which the dreaming must deal, before she overpowers him. Also serious internal changes and determining growth processes which can be a strong vibration take place. If the quake dies down in the course of the dream or calms down completely, this is called that the dreaming takes care of self-control. If it comes in the dream to dead people or injured persons, are this sign for serious mental conflicts or feelings of guilt of the dreaming. Mostly the earthquake appears in the dream as a warning to the dreaming before the self-destructive effect from edged out propelling energy. Old ideals, settings and relations break down and require from the dreaming suitable attention and conversion. Fear which our unconscious plays in our consciousness. Here it is warned about sudden changes which are able to do our life rhythm to mess whirls. After a dream earthquake one should count on own ability and be based as it were stone by stone anew, try maybe even a new beginning. The earthquake only on to ourselves sometimes does not point out quite understandable change in our portrayal of character which it is a matter to straighten. Dreams of earth tremors can also predict the arrival of a positive change whose result can be extremely worthwhile if one acts with firmness. The appearance of beloved people in such a dream indicates that these can maybe live through a crisis and need your help. One considers how one felt, after one woke of this dream. If one was frightened, this dream can refer to a constant worry. If own home shakes, the dream can indicate fears of instability in practical interests or of relations. Some analysts believe that the hearing of the pushes of an earthquake as well as the seeing of his effects means that somebody could try nearby to be deceptive to one. One on a falling building indicates that one feels the weight of his responsibility.



At this level an earthquake in the dream shows considerable spiritual insecurity.


If The earth gets in movement, the shops and the living conditions of the dreaming will also get in movement, – fissures, however, earthquakes and collapses bring damage to all people and destroy them or her Having and property. All these phenomena are according to experience only to people who want to go on travelling, and debtors luck-bringing and favourably, – then what resolves and collapses, is not able to hold on the dreaming any more to the former place, – hence, it releases from debts and chains. Thus one dreamt, his father’s town sinks by an earthquake in remains, – his father was sentenced to death and perished in such a way, because the home towns mean it also the parents.



  • Dreaming somebody in his home town of an earthquake, indicates at a new decree of the emperor who will move the minds of the inhabitants into fear and fright, – everywhere the quake is to be felt, will be valid of the emperor’s decree for the whole country, if only here and there, for this or that place.
  • Seeming it one, only his house has been shaken, the emperor or governor merely for his house will make an order.
  • the beams break

  • traps after the quake the doors one, or collapse house walls, is the arrangement of the emperor’s expression of his rage, – besides, occurring the doors means the death of the narrowest members of the family of the landlord, the break of the beams the setting of the higher put in the house, the collapse of the walls the death of the landlord.
  • Dreaming one that only the imperial palace has been shaken prophesies the death of the emperor or his son, his daughter, his spouse or a blood relation, or dangerous illnesses of those which particularly are close to the emperor.
  • Looking of the emperors that his town, his country or palace trembled points not to the death of the called people, but to war and fright which threatens from enemies, or on a poster against the emperor and the exposure of his opponents. If it seems to him, by the earthquake his palace or throne has collapsed, the death will soon overtake him, – nothing has however collapsed by the quake, will make him, as said, the customer of hostile fright completely dismayed, – the earthquake has destroyed only one of the confidential rooms of the palace, but not the throne room or the imperial rooms, one of the representatives of the emperor will come to case, from terror before the enemy.
  • Dreaming somebody, an area which is quite level or is mountainous, however has sunk by a quake, will threaten small people of the emperor Gefahr, – then level country means such people, mountainous country against it points according to his height to big and rich men.
  • Being a town as a result of an earthquake submergedly and it is known, she will perish by an epidemic, the Bubonenpest or by the emperor’s rage, – the town is unknown, the downfall about people hostilely minded to the emperor will come.
  • feel: big events, – you do not stand so certainly in your position like you believe, – always brings a sudden change of the personal or social relations with itself,
  • see or feel: remain also during check of the destiny stable, – also: your decisions are wrong, they would destroy everything what you have built up. Yield on time.

(European ones).:

  • natural dream as a symbol of the humanity, – often warning before wars between the states,
  • see: to remain firmly admonished, – mostly announces a sudden change which one cannot detain
  • see in the dream: advises to leave as soon as possible the place of a travel stay, – also a such dream indicates disappointments, – a forthcoming change of the living conditions indicates, – the things threaten to glide to one from the hand, – one loses the control and rather concentrates upon the essentials,
  • come with one to damage: Losses by the general development in the country.


  • experience: is careful while crossing the street.
  • some other way (arab).


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