Dust dream dictionary


Dust dream dictionary

Dust – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Dryness, – growth potential. Question: – Where in my life I have held back the river of the feelings?

In general:

Dust can embody the need for the easy, close to nature life in modest relations, – because it stops, however, often not long, one may carry out no premature changes. Whirled up dust announces grief or warns against wanting to cause too much sensation.



The things from the past which appear bit by bit again present themselves here. Whether well or badly, you must decide.



  • registers Widerwärtigkeiten, – one should watch out for selfoverestimation, – warns with wrong shine against wanting to impress other people, – Li> stands for the transitoriness of the things,
  • on the street: consider well where you go,
  • in the clothes: Your ideas have become outdated. You must adapt yourself.
  • in the shoes: your ways were fruitless,
  • in the face: one wants to demonstrate something to you, there is on the alert,
  • on the pieces of furniture: Annoyance and quarrel.


  • a bad omen, because it prophesies the coming nuisance. A cloud of dust announces the close of big problems. The dreaming should take before his own exaggerations and his selfoverestimation in eight. In general Li> wants “dust” against believing wrong shine and/or against wanting to impress with wrong shine. The sign stands for transitoriness. (Man + / woman +)

    (European ones).:

    • is valid for obstacles and influencings, – one longs for naturalness and simplicity and accepts for it incommodities,
    • see: unpleasant and sullen days approach,
    • cause: one will spoil for himself or other the mood,
    • swallow or become dusty or his: one gets with sullen and sullen people to act,
    • of it be covered: one will suffer in the commercial life damage,
    • to dust bumf: an improvement is indicated, provided that one holds out,
    • escape of it by circumspect action: one makes up for the loss again,
    • A woman will leave from her lover because of a new flame.


    • see: Victory over others and advantage,
    • in clothes or pieces of furniture: Quarrel,
    • feel with it overcast: your perseverance is recompensed.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Dust

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