Dreaming about the door means that you cannot distance yourself from your life. Face your ideas and accept new possibilities because you can face positive changes.

Doors protect or hide something you often don’t want to see or prevent you from accessing what you want.


Dreambook of doors

You see a door

The meaning of a dream in which you see a door can be understood in several ways: as something that protects what is inside, as protection from what is undesirable or dangerous, and as an obstacle that prevents you from getting something.

You want to open the door

The dream means you are trying to protect yourself from people who want to harm you. This dream suggests that you should only trust some and that it is better to avoid explaining or revealing secrets to third parties.

You walk through the door.

The dreambook explains the dream’s meaning as the intention to overcome all obstacles and limitations to achieve what you want.

The door may mean something that prevents you from continuing your work or makes it difficult to achieve some of your desires. However, keep this obstacle from stopping you. It is worth overcoming it.

Open door

A dream is a prediction of wish fulfillment. If dreaming about an open door, you know what will be behind it, and it is something pleasant, you may have the opportunity to make favorable financial deals.

If there is something unpleasant behind the door, you must first look at yourself before looking at what is behind the door.


This is a stage in your life where some people want to help you, but you don’t see it. Help can come in very different forms – remember that. The dream predicts opportunities you do not take advantage of, so they may suddenly disappear and never appear again.

The dream also means that a person is preparing the way for you to succeed or change your life. Prepare well for discussions about a new company or other significant changes.

If the door is in a building that interests you, it means that a job change is coming. If they are in an old building, it means that help or some proposal for change will arrive from your family and significantly change your life.

If the door is where you feel fear or phobia, the dream predicts that the current problems will end, but only with effort on your part.

A door that cannot be closed

The dreambook suggests that the coming changes are inevitable and irreversible. Be prepared for this and find good things in every situation. Trust your loved ones.

Closed doors

If, in your dream, you saw or tried to enter through a closed (locked) door, you will achieve victory and positively end something you fought for. A friendly person may emerge victorious from some situation.

A dream can also mean you feel insecure and afraid to get something. You don’t dare to open the door and find out what’s inside – or maybe you know what’s inside, and that’s why you don’t want to open it.

You should worry less about what will happen or what you will discover behind the door. Just face the challenges.


If you are standing and looking at a closed door in your dream, it is a sign of your uncertainty. You have many questions about what might be behind the door, the consequences of opening it, and what will happen to you.

The dream reveals your feelings, you can’t find a way out of your problems, and more are lurking outside the door. The dream also indicates a defensive attitude. You must be more firm and confident in your opinion and eliminate your fears.

If you dreamed of a closed door, there are better investment times than this. Now you should improve your relationship with your surroundings. It is worthwhile to better organize the time you devote to work and family.

You should also find a way to relax because it will give you new ideas to help you overcome problems.

A closed door in a dream warns you not to isolate yourself, accept the invitation of friends and participate in social and community life.

Doors open inward

When the door opens inward, it means you want to look at yourself and your inner self, or you should do so. Analyze your emotions, aspirations, and behavior, and think about what you want and aspire to.

The door opens outward.

The dream that the door opens to the outside means you want to show yourself to others and present your talent and abilities. This is important, but remember that the most important thing is your well-being.


Open the door

The dreambook explains that if you open a door in a dream, you will reveal a secret on waking. This will entail consequences, maybe even consequences that you do not expect.

If you are going through a bad phase in your life, waking up the dream means that changes will soon come and what troubles you will soon end. Since you are the one who opens the door, the changes will be the ones you earn yourself.

Suppose you are going through a stage full of doubts or different paths in your waking life. In that case, a dream about opening doors brings positive energy and mental peace. It means that you will eventually follow the right path or make the change you have been waiting for. The dreambook recommends caution and analyzing your next steps.

However, suppose you are at a happy stage of your life and dreamed about opening a door. In that case, you are approaching an improvement in your work situation, an increase in salary, better working conditions, and making new friends. This is an excellent time to invest in or start your own business from scratch.

Closing a door

The dream means that you are trying to stop something or someone or hide. You may need time to evaluate your choices. It would help if you reflected on a moment in your life.

If you dreamed about closing a door, you are trying to close your life to news, change, or other people. However, it does not mean this is a negative behavior because you are trying to protect yourself or reject things you think are bad for you.

Closing the door in a dream is protection from the unknown. It is when you prefer to be conservative and not try anything new.

Open the wrong door

According to the dreambook, such a dream means that your choices do not make you happy. Don’t try to please others at all costs. Remember your principles and be yourself.


A door opened with a key.

You are trying to suppress your feelings and don’t want to open up to others. You prefer solitude. If you are having fun, you prefer to isolate your emotions from past experiences that were not good for you and do not want to repeat them.

Close the door in front of your nose

The dream suggests that you feel excluded by someone you value. Consider whether you want to continue to be close to this person. If someone close to you is behaving strangely, talk to them and try to improve the situation.

Front door

The dream symbolizes something new in your life. You are entering a new stage of life, starting a new project, a new job, and making some changes. If you did not plan anything new on waking, Dreambook states that you are subconsciously striving for change.

Door without a handle

The dream means a situation without a way out, finding yourself between a hammer and an anvil. You should now relax, catch your breath, and consider what to do next. It may be worth changing plans. Have a serious conversation with someone.


A dream about glass doors foretells some difficulties. Think about what you saw behind them. Is it something you are striving for? What do you desire? Glass doors represent an invisible barrier at first glance.

Consider whether you’re putting a hurdle in front of yourself. If you have a bias or neglect something, your goal is behind a glass door through which you can see it but not reach it.


Balcony doors

Balcony doors in a dream can symbolize despair, sadness, and even depression and suggest that your dreams are pretty detached from reality. Reach out for support from a trusted person and set new goals.

Revolving door

Revolving doors in a dream symbolize new friendships and new opportunities. Some situations or some people may reappear in your life. Decide for yourself whether it is worth it to interact with them again.

Garage door

The meaning of the dream can be different. Either you have already made a decision or taken a path – however, you chose more challenging ways to get to your destination. Or the dream means that there will be difficulties, additional problems, or responsibilities to deal with on your way.

Back door

The dreambook explains that if you entered or exited through the back door in a dream, you can expect favorable changes in your professional life.

The dream foretells clever solutions and acquaintances, which will significantly help you obtain a goal, settle an issue, get something, etc.

Small door

The dream is a vision of self-esteem and possibilities. You are at a stage where you prefer small challenges. In addition, you are looking for emotional rather than economic balance. You have access to better opportunities in the economic, sentimental, and spiritual spheres.

Car door

If you dream about a car door, you want to escape everyday life. You may need a break or focus away from loved ones. The dream may also mean that you need more privacy.

Wooden doors

A dream about wooden doors symbolizes change, but the exact meaning of the dream depends on what you do with the doors and what condition they are in. If you need to repair them, anticipate the emergence of conflict situations in your work, which will cause financial problems and abuse from others.


If you dreamed of a wooden door in perfect condition, then anticipate the arrival of new ideas and opportunities and the help of other people. For the dream to have a positive meaning, the door must be easy to open, and you must not be afraid to open it.

White doors

A dream about a white door signifies peace, optimism, and spirituality. New positive energies will change your life. New opportunities will come soon, and you will solve financial and emotional problems.

Calm will appear in your life, and you will get more economic benefits with fewer or similar efforts. This is a dream of positive energy and success.

Broken (broken, damaged, destroyed) door.

A broken door is a harbinger of additional earnings. Destroyed or broken can signal that you have yet to close some things. Your relations with other people could be better. A broken door in a dream can also mean that you are trying to achieve your goals or push your own opinion by force.

Many doors

A dream about many doors represents a balance between positive and negative events but warns that you need to consider opportunities you can’t rush and thoughtlessly seize.

The meaning of the dream about many doors depends on their condition. The dream’s meaning is positive if the door looks good and is in perfect condition. If they are in bad condition, the meaning is negative. Your emotions also play an essential role here.

If you are afraid to open them, it means that you are trying to escape from an important decision or you are not ready to make it (change of city, new job, new responsibilities). If you are happy to see them, expect new news and emotions to emerge.

Corridors and doors

This dream represents fear and uncertainty. It means indecision and a problem with choosing a life path and deciding. However, if you are happy at the time of the dream, it can mean you have many options available.


If you are afraid of your dream, it means a lack of opportunities or missed opportunities.

Knocking on the door

If you dreamed that you knocked on a friend’s door, it is a sign that it is the best time to multiply your profits. If you knock on a stranger’s door, old friends will come to your rescue during a difficult time.

If you hear knocking on the door, it is a sign that you will soon receive extra money.


The dream warns you against envy and gossip. The dreambook also advises you to have a clear conscience because something you are hiding may be revealed, cause problems, and certainly spoil your reputation.

It is also a warning against recklessness. The dreambook advises you to spend more time on intangible matters.

Meaning of the dream door

  • You see a door – you have protection from what is bad
  • You want to open the door – do not trust everyone
  • You walk through the door – you will overcome all obstacles and limitations to achieve your goal.
  • Open doors – your desires will come true.
  • A door that cannot be closed – impending changes are inevitable
  • Closed door – you will positively end something you fought for, do not isolate yourself from people
  • Doors open inward – look at your inner self, think about what you want, and strive for
  • Doors open outward – you want to show yourself to others, present your talent
  • If you open the door – you will reveal a secret, but it will have consequences
  • You close the door – you are trying to stop something or someone or hide it
  • You open the wrong door – your choices do not make you happy, be yourself
  • Doors opened with a key – you are suppressing your feelings and do not want to open yourself to others
  • Lock the door in front of your nose – you will feel spurned by someone
  • Front door – something new will start in your life
  • Door without a handle – relax and think about what to do next
  • Glassdoor – there will be difficulties in achieving your goal
  • Balcony doors – your dreams are detached from reality
  • Revolving doors – new friendships and new opportunities will arise
  • Garage door – difficulties, additional problems, or responsibilities will arise
  • Back door – expect favorable changes in your professional life
  • Small door – you are looking for more emotional balance
  • Car door – you want to get away from everyday life, you need more privacy
  • Wooden door – changes in your life are coming
  • White door – you will solve financial and emotional problems and regain peace of mind.
  • Broken (broken, damaged, destroyed) door – you are trying to achieve your goals or push your opinion by force.
  • Many doors – you have a choice of paths and decisions
  • Corridors and doors – you have many opportunities, so take advantage of opportunities
  • Knocking on the door – you will soon receive extra money
  • Burglary – beware of gossip and recklessness

Detailed interpretation of the dream

The sight of a door in a dream tells us how we feel and how our affairs are going.

How you interpret your dream about doors will be very specific, as you undoubtedly have ideas about doors and their meaning.

Here are some common interpretations and themes related to the dream about doors:


Possibilities + New beginnings

We have probably all heard many sayings about doors, such as: When one door closes, another door opens. The dream may refer to the openness and availability of something new.

When you dream about an open door or walking through a door, it could mean a transition to a new situation in your life. It could refer to something you are currently experiencing, looking forward to or longing for. Whatever it is, it is a positive symbol in your dream because you can move freely and are not blocked in your path.

Mystery + The unknown

A door in a dream can depict a mystery in life, both good and bad.

Doors can protect secrets. Doors create a barrier and the unknown hides behind closed doors. A locked door may require a key, password, or some credentials to access what lies behind it. You don’t know what’s behind the door until you open it.

Fear + ways to choose

A secret door in your dream may suggest excitement or fear of something you see on the horizon.

It may also suggest that you have a choice and are trying to figure out how to proceed. You will need to consider what else is going on in your dream and how you feel to understand what it means.

Feeling trapped + stuck.

A closed door blocking your path may indicate that you feel trapped. You may be stuck because something is blocking you on your life path.

You may feel trapped in a situation, longing to get out but feeling that you have no say, no control over the situation.


Conversely, you may desperately want to be let in (to a club, school, get a particular new job or start a relationship with someone) but feel trapped behind a door. You have to knock. Or is there a hidden key you need?

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us. “

  • Helen Keller

The color of the door

Another thing to consider is the color of the door:

Black: secrecy, isolation, depression, fear, career goals
Blue: peace, relaxation, sadness
Green: peace, progress, prosperity, hope
Red: love, warning, danger, anger
White: acceptance, purity, knowledge, grief
These are just a few possible associations. Refer to the article Colors in dreams to better understand the meaning of your dream.

Question for dream interpretation

To find out more about what your dream means, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you think of doors in everyday life?
  • Do you have any personal associations with the door?
  • What kind of door was it?
  • Was the door in good condition or in bad condition?
  • What purpose did the door serve?
  • What other symbols appeared in the dream?
  • Are you facing any choices?
  • Are you hoping for a new opportunity?

Mystic dreambook – meaning of the dream door

  • If you dream of opening a door with a key, it is a sign that you will soon discover some hidden secret under your roof. It can signal you not to conceal anything from your spouse or partner.
  • If you are coming through the door, it is a prediction that a new perspective will soon open up for you, and you will have a chance to grow in some field.
  • Going out the door heralds the closing of some stage in your life.
  • An open door heralds a visit from someone from your closer or more distant family, an open door – an unexpected influx of cash.
  • Closed ones signal that you feel uncomfortable in some situation on waking and that someone or something is surrounding you.
  • A tilted door heralds a time of frowning and passive waiting.
  • An old door means that you will soon receive inauspicious information from your friend, a beautiful and richly decorated one – a joyful and pleasant event that will soon take place in your life.
  • A creaky door is a harbinger of problems on professional grounds, mainly if you are engaged in running your own business, and a warped door – is a harbinger of health problems.
  • If you dream of someone breaking down a door, it is a sign that someone will soon behave roughly towards you and you will feel humiliated by them.
  • A corridor with many pairs of doors is a sign that you have to make a difficult decision, which is all the more difficult because you have many different options to choose from.
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